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Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students,

While we would, of course, prefer to be on campus, the Middle School faculty has nonetheless been thoroughly preparing to implement Thayer’s distance learning program, ThayerConnect. 

As you may know, teachers completed a Zoom “dry run” with their students on the last day of classes prior to spring recess, and faculty members continue to familiarize themselves with the platform. During spring recess, for example, teachers met via Zoom, both departmentally and in large groups. They have also been engaging in individual planning, with the ultimate goal of seamlessly transitioning to distance learning on April 1. Although there will doubtless be some challenges to face as we become more familiar with our new school format, we are confident that our students will continue to enjoy an enriching and worthwhile academic experience.

Carson Smith P ’25
Middle School Director

ThayerConnect in the Middle School

  • Middle School teachers will conduct all classes via the Zoom application while, as always, fully utilizing Thayer’s Learning Management System (myschoolapp), also known as the classroom portals. Again — and as teachers will remind students on the first day of classes — students should be checking myschoolapp and their Thayer email accounts frequently.
  • The Middle School will continue to follow its six-day rotating schedule, which is noted in students’ planbooks. For your reference, Wednesday, April 1, is Day 6; Thursday, April 2, is Day 1; Friday, April 3, is Day 2; and so on. 
  • Students will continue to receive grades for the duration of Thayer’s distance learning program, and grades may include homework, participation in online or Zoom discussions, and tests and quizzes, which students may be required to take at home, or other assessments at each teacher’s discretion. Any assessments taken at home will be done so under the expectations of Thayer Academy’s Student Handbook and Honor Code, which specifically notes the importance of integrity, personal standards of honesty, and maintaining the respect of the community by avoiding cheating or other dishonest behavior.
  • Students will receive an email from each teacher by 5 p.m. on the day before classes begin for the week (usually Sunday, but on Tuesday, March 31, for the first week of distance learning) that will outline the class schedule and expectations for the week. As always, homework will be posted on myschoolapp, along with any materials besides their textbooks that students may need for the week (handouts, study guides, etc.).
  • Classes will not be recorded. As always, if a student misses a class, that student should contact the teacher of that class directly, and the teacher will let the student know what has been missed and make arrangements to explain the material and/or make up assignments when necessary. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Click above to watch a video message sent to Middle School families via email on March 31, 2020.

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