Athletic Training


Hello Everyone,

The athletic trainers hope you are doing well under the circumstances. We do miss the day-to-day activities, even the rainy game days (kind of). 

It’s important to develop a daily routine that includes good health habits, activities that don’t involve screen time, and regular exercise. This is a perfect time to develop and improve upon healthy habits. Any of you that have a dog that needs walking - this is a perfect reason to go out and get some exercise. 

During the time away from campus, we’ll be sending out some information and suggestions for exercise. The athletic trainers are always available through email and we will be setting up “office hours” for any students that might need help managing injuries. 
It will be important for all athletes, particularly our spring sport athletes to maintain strength gains and mobility in order to be ready to play when it’s safe to do so. 

Please take care of yourselves! Do not hesitate to check in if you have any questions or just want to swing by and grab a “virtual snack” from the office!


Ellen, Anne, & Garrett

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