Thayer Laptop Program

Laptop Program

Thayer's robust wireless network includes global proxy filtering to ensure that your student’s Internet access is filtered anywhere, at any time. When the laptop connects to any wireless network, HTTP traffic is routed through the MSSD Lightspeed web filtering system, designed to keep laptop usage focused on academic pursuits and to prevent students from accessing inappropriate websites. All MacBook 11" Air laptops are managed by Thayer, and at any time we can watch and remove any applications that do not conform to the rules outlined in the Student Handbook.

The Hanflig Technology Center is a collaborative space for teaching and learning, and provides support for the Laptop Program and all campus-wide technology. Students are expected to use technology, including the laptops, in a responsible way, as outlined by our Acceptable Use of Technology Policy (AUTP).

Our student Technology Fellows provide laptop support to students, and administer a digital identity/digital safety campaign to highlight the AUTP through digital posters and movies.

The following steps need to be completed before your child picks up his or her laptop:

  1. Complete the Laptop Agreement Form (required) and purchase insurance (optional)
  2. Purchase a Speck Case
  3. Determine what day and time your child is assigned to pick up his or her laptop

Laptop Agreement Form

The Laptop Agreement Form must be signed by a parent for each child, every year, even if you opt not to take insurance (details below). Please click on the link and click on "Laptop Form".

Laptop Insurance Information

Thayer Academy is offering a group policy with Worth Ave Group Insurance. This is a voluntary group policy and must be renewed every year. Payment is made online and claims will be handled by Thayer Academy. You will get the benefit of the lower premium, and the claim turnaround time is faster since the school handles the claim. The group rate to protect your school issued laptop is $75.00 per year with no deductible.

The Worth Ave Group policy covers incidents such as:

  • Accidental Damage including drops/cracked screens/liquid spills
  • Liquid Submersion
  • Fire/Flood Damage
  • Vandalism
  • Natural Disasters
  • Power Surge due to Lightning

We have added a link on the Laptop Agreement Signoff Form for you to sign up for insurance coverage and make the payment online. If you want insurance for your student's laptop, make sure you check off "I want Insurance". This will take you to the payment gateway form to submit payment. After you review and submit the form, a page appears with your transaction number for your records. You will only have insurance on your child's laptop if you submit the payment.

In the event a laptop is damaged, the student will bring it to the Hanflig Technology Center. Thayer Academy will send the laptop to the insurance depot for repairs, and the student will receive a loaner laptop. Please note that theft is not covered in this insurance policy. If you choose not to take insurance you will be billed for any repairs to your damaged laptop.

Care of the Laptop

Please be aware that families are responsible for loss or damage of the laptop, whether it takes place in or out of school. Students are required to purchase a Speck hard shell case for the MacBook Air. The school will not issue a laptop to a student unless he/she has the Speck hard shell case at laptop distribution.

For the Speck case, we are able to offer a discount code that will save $15.00 off retail price and will provide free shipping to your home. This online purchase option also allows students to choose a case from a range of colors. This year, the STM Dux case (a sturdier rugged white case with black bumpers) will be offered. To use the code, please go to Discount Cell and use the code thayer-academy.

Laptop Distribution

We will distribute the laptops to students by grade level in mid-August. During these sessions, students will learn about laptop care, Internet safety, and be able to ask questions. For the Upper School 9th grade and new incoming students to the 10th & 11th grades we will hold 3 laptop sessions; for each Middle School class we will hold one session per grade on one day. If you have multiple children attending Thayer Academy, all of them can pick up their laptops at one session. If you are unavailable to make the assigned pickup session and the makeup day, please complete the form to choose another session. Please fill out the Alternate Laptop Distribution Session form. This form has alternate dates in September before school starts. Please see the laptop distribution time schedule below to determine what day and time to pick up your children's laptops. Laptop pickup will take place in Cahall Dining Hall.

Year of GraduationLast NamePick Up DateTime

2020, new 2019 & 2018

A - EMonday, August 228:00am - 9:00am
2020, new 2019 & 2018F - LMonday, August 229:30am - 10:30am
2020, new 2019 & 2018M - ZMonday, August 2211:00am - 12:00pm
2021AllTuesday, August 238:00am - 9:00am
2022AllTuesday, August 239:30am - 10:30am
2023AllTuesday August 2311:00am - 12:00pm
MakeupAllWednesday, August 248:00am - 12:00pm


1. Can a parent pick up a student’s laptop?
No, your child must be present to pick up, log in and receive basic training.
2. Can a student use their own laptop?
No, this is a school program and the school-issued laptops are managed by Thayer.
3. Can my student print work from a Thayer laptop while at home?
Yes. If you have a home wireless network and your printer is broadcast, the printer will be listed in System Preferences/Printers & Scanners. Otherwise, laptops can be directly connected to a printer via USB.
4. Do the laptops come preloaded with software or will parents need to purchase it?
The laptops will be preloaded with all school software such as Microsoft Office applications, Adobe Creative Suite, and specific content curriculum applications that are school purchased, such as Lego Robotics and Sim Bio. Pages and Keynote are free with a student’s iTunes account. iMovie and Garageband must be purchased via the App store. There may be a class that requires the purchase of a specific application.
5. Does my child have the same laptop for four years? Are laptops turned in at the end of each year?
Your child will have the same laptop while at Thayer, and depending upon grade level, they may be collected over the summer and then returned.
6. Does Thayer have enough spare laptops if my student’s is not working properly?
Thayer has 35 loaner laptops.


TigerCloud Resources and Skills Include:

- Microsoft Office 2011: Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
- Apple's iLife11-iPhoto, iWeb, iMovie, GarageBand, iTunes, iDVD
- Student access to Thayer’s website, student portal, and network

Tech Fellows

Community Outreach Tech Fellows connect our organization with the Thayer community.

  • COTFs will research and report to the Supervisor of the HTC the needs and interests of the Thayer Community so that we may create pertinent workshops that address identified needs.
  • COTFs will provide research to the Marketing Tech Fellows
  • COTFs will also create outreach events for teaching and learning in the HTC, which may include Thayer community speakers, field trips and outings, and in-school events

Marketing Tech Fellows promote our organization within the Thayer community.

  • MTFs will collaborate with COTFs to prepare and execute marketing strategies, plans, and objectives based on COTFs research.
  • MTFs will create marketing campaigns such as Digital Safety, Digital Identity using digital signs, short video advertisements, and social media to promote the HTC and its events, workshops, and trainings.

Integration Tech Fellows assist with the integration of technology in the classroom.

  • ITFs will pair their student experience with their technological expertise to discover new ways to enrich traditional classroom activities and enhance the learning process.
  • ITFs will work with faculty to provide technological tools for facilitating teaching and learning.
  • ITFs may be required to present integration techniques in class and support teachers and students as they integrate new educational applications and systems.

Education/Information Tech Fellows teach clients about emerging technologies.

  • EITFs will conduct active and engaging workshops on emerging technologies (e.g. 3D printing, virtual reality) and educate users about new features in established applications.
  • Workshops will be held in the HTC and will be taught during school hours during free blocks. Sign-ups will be utilized to ensure enrollment numbers are met before a workshop is scheduled.
  • EITFs will follow a templated workshop format created with Mr. Landry, HTC Supervisor.
  • EITFs will be expected to develop their own proficiency with the product they will be teaching.

Technical Support Tech Fellows

  • TSTFs will work with the HTC to support the MacBook Air program throughout the campus.
  • TSTFs will primarily be focused on the hardware and programming side of technology integration, but may be required to assist with software installations and application, as well.
  • TSTFs will work with ITFs to ensure the working order of integrated technology schoolwide, as well as with EITFs in providing educational opportunities to HTC clientele.