Summer Workout Program

Thayer Academy Summer Workout Program for Strength, Speed & Conditioning

June 27 - August 11 (7 Weeks)
Program Runs until Thayer's Captains' Practices Begin
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Evenings, 6-8pm

  • Open to all
  • Sign up with 5 friends or team mates and you all get a 10% discount
  • Sign up for the whole summer or week-by-week
  • Go on vacation! Then come back and continue to train.

Thayer's Strength, Speed & Conditioning Program prepares athletes to compete in all sports.

  • Get all the training you need to be a better athlete
  • Work on skills that you don't have time for in regular season sports
  • Get faster, stronger, more agile & fit
  • Be prepared for team tryouts in the fall
  • Set a customized workout program for the entire year

2 Sessions Each Night

  1. STRENGTH - An organized, progressive, full-body strength program in the Fitness Center. Learn age-appropriate olympic lifts, and one-rep max testing.
  2. SPEED & CONDITIONING - Train on the track. Get faster and build endurance.

What you accomplish this summer will benefit you throughout the year. In-season or out-of-season, you'll stay in shape.

  • You will be ready for fall tryouts: stronger, faster, more agile
  • You won't ache during tryouts
  • This program helps prevent injuries as it makes the body stronger
  • You'll be ready to enter a competitive season
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