Travel Policy

Updated as of 2/12/2021
Thayer Academy reserves the right to alter this policy as is necessary.

The updated travel policy is effective 2/12/2021:
With the exception of Spring Recess*, Thayer Academy follows the Massachusetts COVID-19 Travel Order.  The essential points of this policy are:

  • Prior to travel, it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to verify on the MA website if the destination state is categorized as “lower risk”.
  • Anyone who travels outside of MA to a higher risk state will need to fill out the MA state form (for MA state requirements only. This form does not need to be submitted to Thayer Academy).
  • The traveler must obtain a COVID-19 PCR (or rapid molecular) test according to the guidelines stated on the MA website. (The test can be obtained up to 72 hours before return to MA but if not obtained before return, then the traveler must quarantine until the PCR (or rapid molecular) test is obtained and a negative result is documented. The PCR test must be obtained after the travel leaving MA is initiated.
  • Before returning to on-campus classes, a parent or guardian must send an email to identifying the student who traveled with a brief summary of the travel, and attach a copy of the negative COVID-19 PCR (or rapid molecular) test. If the travel is every weekend, then the first email can explain the summary of the projected travel, and at the end of each subsequent weekend, the new negative PCR test is submitted with an email simply identifying the student’s name, and “per previously reported weekend travel”.
  • If travel requires missing any classes, or requires attending remotely during the scheduled on-campus days, the student and/or parent must notify the team of teachers including the advisor, and include, and the respective contact for attendance for each division. (For Upper School, Kristan Gately; for Middle School, Karen Bosworth
  • If the PCR test result is positive, please follow the procedure as outlined in that section. 
  • Some additional notes: Those who have tested positive for COVID-19 greater than 10 days but less than 90 days before travel, do not need to quarantine or obtain COVID-19 testing.
  • Those who have received COVID-19 vaccination must continue with all health and safety protocols including the post-travel requirements of PCR testing or quarantine, unless they also had previously tested positive for COVID-19, more than 10 days but less than 90 days before travel.

* Spring Recess: Thayer will conduct all classes remotely during the first few days of the week following the conclusion of Spring Recess. All-school COVID-19 PCR testing is scheduled on Monday March 29 for students and employees who have not traveled outside of MA or who have returned from travel to MA at least by Wednesday March 24 and quarantined (which is 96 hours before the PCR testing at Thayer). In-person classes will resume on Thursday, April 1st for only those students who have a documented negative PCR test conducted 96 hours after return to Massachusetts. Students who do not meet this threshold must continue with remote learning until they submit the required PCR test results.

Family Choice to be Fully Remote

If your family needs to consider fully remote learning for your student, please contact the appropriate Division contacts: