Back to School 2020

Given the continuing concerns related to COVID-19, we will be fully prepared to function in any of three modes: in-person, hybrid, or fully remote via ThayerConnect.

We anticipate that we might find ourselves in each of these scenarios during the course of this academic year. Whatever mode of operation we are in, our programming is based on the following core principles: the safety of our students and staff; the delivery of robust academic and extracurricular experiences; practices and programs that reinforce our connection as a community; and daily routines that accent prudent time management and purposeful activity.

Fall Opening Plans

Given these uncertain times, we want to provide a brief overview as to how the Academy will open the school year and our reasoning behind these decisions. Communication and flexibility will be essential to ensuring a successful fall reopening. We will be in touch with families via email about upcoming Q&A sessions that will be held on Zoom, and we will continue to update these pages with details.

Middle School


Upper School

Given the ages of Middle School students, we feel it is especially important – if possible under safe circumstances – to bring all students back to campus to learn in-person each day.                 Given the current Upper School layout and ages of our Upper School students, the Upper School will adopt a hybrid mode of operation for the first semester. 

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