Taiwan Sample Itinerary


(March 8-19, 2025) with hotel stays and daily excursions to ancient & modern cultural sites. 

Day 1

Depart from Boston to Taoyuan International Airport

Day 2

Arrival and Culinary Welcome

Enjoy a Taiwanese street food tour, relishing treats like "Shāobîng Yóutiáo" (fried breadsticks), a popular local breakfast staple.

Day 3

Lantern Lights & Cultural Bites

The day begins with a visit to Shifen Old Street, where students participate in the mesmerizing ritual of sky lantern releasing while learning about its historical and cultural significance in the former mining town. The trek continues to Jiufen Old Street, which was formerly a thriving gold mining area. This charming village, known for its distinctive tea houses and breathtaking seaside vistas, provides a thorough cultural immersion. Students will also enjoy a variety of authentic Taiwanese culinary pleasures, broadening their understanding of the island's rich gastronomic diversity. 

Day 4

Educational Insights & Urban Excitement

Students at Jingmei Girls High School explore Taiwan's educational landscape, learning about local pedagogical techniques and student life. The evening begins with a visit to Ximending Night Market, the "Harajuku of Taipei," a hotspot for trendsetting young people and a melting pot of modern street fashion.

Day 5

Cultural Heritage and Scenic Journeys

The day begins at the Ri Xing Type Foundry, where students learn about the careful process of traditional Chinese character typecasting and recognize its importance in conserving Chinese literary and print legacy. The schedule then takes you to Dihua Street in Taiwan's historic Dadaocheng area, which is a major player in the tea trade. This dynamic area features intact buildings and traditional shops, providing insight into Taipei's rich commercial past. In the afternoon, a lovely boat ride to Bali and then Tamsui awaits. Students enjoy breathtaking views along the Tamsui River while seeing prominent waterfronts, historical monuments, and local cuisines, enhancing their cultural understanding. The day ends with a metro ride from Tamsui to Ximen, allowing students to experience Taiwan's modern public transportation while also connecting the historical threads.

Day 6

Historical Treasures & Architectural Wonders

The agenda starts with an instructive tour of the National Palace Museum, which houses a treasure trove of ancient Chinese imperial relics. Lunch at the renowned Grand Hotel, which features ancient Chinese architecture and provides a sense of grandeur. The day concludes with a visit to Taipei 101, which includes an ascent to panoramic views and a documentary on the building's innovative earthquake-resistant architecture.

Day 7

Cultural Immersion in Changhua

Students will go on an educational excursion to Changhua, beginning with an immersive Gezai opera performance. This demonstration of traditional Taiwanese musical theater gives pupils a thorough grasp of an important cultural art form. Following the performance, the day will continue with a tour to Lukang Old Street, which is noted for its well-preserved ancient Qing era architecture. Students will have a guided trishaw tour, allowing them to get up close and personal with the area's architectural marvels and rich historical narrative. The overnight stay in Lukang will give students more possibilities to immerse themselves in the local culture and history, thus improving their educational experience in Taiwan.

Day 8

Coastal Harvests and Cultural Craftsmanship

This day combines ecological knowledge with handicraft learning, highlight the diversity of Taiwan's natural environments and beloved cultural practices. The day will start with an interesting dive into traditional oyster farming in Fangyuan, where you'll explore the tidal flats' rich biodiversity and see rare creatures like fiddler crabs and mudskippers. The activities culminate with a delicious sample of charcoal-grilled oysters set against the picturesque backdrop of the Hai Kong Walkway. In the afternoon, the action moves to Nantou's Puli Guangxing Paper Mill. In this hands-on session, the age-old craft of papermaking is revived. Students will make their own paper, participating in a centuries-old custom that remains an important aspect of Taiwanese culture.

Day 9

Natural Wonders and Cultural Insights

The day begins with a picturesque journey to Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan's renowned natural wonder. Following the water investigation, an aerial excursion by cable car provides panoramic views of the lake's gorgeous surroundings before ascending to the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village. Students will learn about Taiwan's indigenous tribes' rich legacy through interactive exhibitions and cultural performances, which helps them appreciate the island's complex cultural tapestry. The evening continues with a visit to Taichung's famous Fengjia Night Market, one of Taiwan's largest and most exciting. With its diverse street food offerings, crowded commercial areas, and lively atmosphere, the market offers a dramatic glimpse of Taiwanese urban life and gastronomic variety. This day provides a full and enriching experience by capturing the spirit of Taiwan's multifaceted charm.

Day 10

Culinary Delights and Tea Traditions

The day starts at the Kuo Yuan Ye Museum of Cake and Pastry, where students delve into Taiwanese wedding customs and participate in crafting traditional pineapple cakes, a cherished local treat. The workshop not only teaches the art of making a popular pastry but also illuminates its cultural relevance in Taiwanese celebrations. Next, the itinerary shifts to the Shuanglin Tea Workshop for a thorough tea-making session. Students will immerse themselves in creating Lei Cha (ground tea), Mochi, and handmade black tea. This hands-on workshop offers a comprehensive look at the art and cultural importance of tea in Taiwan, focusing on active participation and sensory experiences. The day concludes with an evening visit to Zhongli Night Market. Here, students soak in the dynamic environment of one of Taiwan's famous night markets, experiencing a spectrum of local foods, crafts, and entertainment.

Day 11

Pottery Mastery & Cultural Festivities

The final day of the educational tour begins with a visit to Yingge, which is known for its ceramic arts. Students will visit Tongyi Pottery Studio on Yingge Old Street and get hands-on experience with pottery making. This course allows students to not only design their own ceramic creations, but also learn about the intricate processes that define this creative heritage. The program continues to Daxi Old Street, which is known for its well-preserved architecture and traditional businesses. This excursion provides students with insights into the local cultural and historical legacy, increasing their understanding of Taiwan's past. The day progresses with cultural activities in Longgang, where students will immerse themselves in the unique aspects of Yunnan's Golden Triangle culture. This includes participating in traditional activities and tasting local delicacies, showcasing the diversity of Taiwan's ethnic cultures.

Day 12

Departure and Reflection

As the educational tour comes to an end, students will have their farewell breakfast in Taiwan before departing for Taoyuan International Airport. This day represents the culmination of an enlightening voyage through Taiwan's cultural environment. The return flight allows students to reflect on the variety of experiences they've had, from hands-on activities and cultural explorations to historical tours. These encounters have provided a deep understanding of Taiwan's rich history and modern culture. As they return home, students bring with them enduring memories and a greater understanding of this lively society.