Sam Knollmeyer '16

Lacrosse (Varsity)
Debate Team (Co-Founder and Captain)
Benelli Writing Center Fellow
Model U.N.

Hometown: Plymouth
Attending: Hamilton College

How has Thayer changed you?

Thayer taught me how to think. The best example of that was when I went into Honors Precalculus last year. I failed the first two tests, and I had to drop down a level. It was a rude awakening. The Honors Precalculus teacher, Mr. Forrest is very passionate about math. My last school just taught to the test. This year I came back and took AP Calculus and got an A.

Who was your most challenging teacher?

Mr. Cedrone in AP Calculus. He really pushes you. He keeps pressing you, forcing you to think on the spot. The tests were always difficult, always taking you one step further than what we studied in class.

What are your plans next year?

I am definitely going to major in economics. I might double in econ and math or political science.

How did Thayer develop those interests?

I’ve always wanted to work on Wall Street. Thayer gave me the opportunity to have my senior project in the finance realm at Morgan Stanley in Private Wealth Management where I’m interning this summer before college.

What was your most memorable academic experience at Thayer?

Jocelle Marius and I started the Debate Team. We were really bad when we started out, but this year my debate partner and I went 3-1. We went up against the kids who won states last year and lost by half a point. My all time favorite topic was: “In the United States, students should be guaranteed two years of free tuition to a community or technical college.” This topic really forced us to analyze the true value of a college education and take into account how this would affect the economy and our social structure. We were able to develop this incredibly effective con argument that usually trapped our opponents.

What’s your favorite Thayer memory?

Beating Govs last year [in lacrosse]. It was a huge upset. It was a down-to-the-wire game. The feeling afterwards was crazy.

What’s something someone would be surprised to know about you?

I was a sponsored yo-yoer in 2010. I yoyo every once in awhile, but not nearly as frequently as I used to.