Regan O'Donnell '16

Cross Country (JV)
Lacrosse (Varsity)
Peer Tutor
Tour Guide

Hometown: Cohasset
Next year: Gap year, then attending Wake Forest University

How has Thayer helped shape you?

I’m an adventurous person and I love to travel, and Thayer’s had a big part in that. When I graduate, I will have gone on three trips through Thayer: the Dominican Republic, Spain, and China. Academically, I developed my interests in math and science here. Teachers have pushed me to take certain courses or get involved in activities like Mathletes. I never thought I’d get involved in Mathletes, but my junior year Mr. Forrest required that our math class apply to the team, and after I applied he really encouraged me to join. Now I want to be an engineering major.

What are your plans next year?

I’m going to take a gap year. From September to December I’m traveling to Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya with a group. We’ll get to do some cool things like work in a hospital, teach in a school for two weeks, and track rhinos. Then we get to take different adventure trips like a safari and rafting. In this spring I’m going to Spain to walk the Camino. I plan to reapply to some schools for the fall of 2017.

When you think of Thayer what comes to mind?

The people I’ve met here. Both friends and teachers. I was able to go to Thayer with my siblings. My sister Maggie is a sophomore and I have a sister in the Middle School, so the car rides to school were nice having those 30 minutes a day to spend with them.

What was your most memorable academic experience at Thayer?

My Programming and Independent Science Research (ISR) classes. My math teachers knew that math was my strong suit so they encouraged me to try Programming. Mr. Donovan encouraged me to take the ISR and I ended up building an underwater ROV (remotely operated underwater vehicle). The building process was amazing and influenced me to focus on engineering in college.

What advice would you give incoming freshmen?

Don’t doubt your capabilities. I didn’t think I was smart my freshman year, and I struggled in some classes but I’m so glad I stuck them out.

What was your favorite place to study?

The Brickyard is my favorite place on campus but you don’t get a lot of studying done. Our class was always having fun together there.

What’s your favorite Thayer tradition?

Winter Wars. People have a lot more school spirit than they sometimes want to admit, so it’s nice to see how happy they are and how much they like Thayer.