Rachel Kraan '18

Rachel Kraan '18

Ski Team (Captain)
Voice Magazine
Peer Advisor
Benelli Writing Center Fellow
President of TAPAWS (Student tutoring group)
Friendship Home (BFF) Club (President)

Hometown: Hull
Attending: University of Michigan

How would you describe your time at Thayer?

Over the course of the past four years, I’ve realized that Thayer was the perfect fit for me. I just can't picture myself anywhere else. I just couldn't be happier. Teachers are really there for you and supportive. It feels like a second home to me. 

How has Thayer helped you get to where you are now?

I always had a strong connection with all my teachers, and they were always so willing to meet with me. If they didn’t have time, we would meet over lunch. 

What do you plan to study at the University of Michigan?

Pre-Med and Biology. 

Did Thayer influence these interests?

I’ve always wanted to be a doctor.  I was able to participate in the Independent Science Research (ISR) course over the summer even though it didn’t fit into my schedule during the year. I investigated an invasive green crab species in Cohasset Harbor.

How did College Counseling help you this year?

My counselor helped me the most with my writing. She really edited my essays and supplements, which was really helpful. She provided some great insight.

What's been your most challenging class?

I would say AP Language & Composition with Ms. Hayman. Learning how to write persuasive essays was really tough. She was probably one of my harder teachers, too. Everyone ended up doing so well on the AP exam. But, when you're in it, it's brutal. Looking back, she's a great teacher. I was so glad to take that class.

What was your favorite book you read here at Thayer?

I really liked Into the Wild. We read that in Crossing Borders with Mr. King.

What was your most memorable academic experience?

AP Calculus. Mr. Cedrone got us so pumped to take the AP exam, I  actually was looking forward to taking it. He had so much faith in us. I looked forward to going to math class, even though it was last period on a Friday. I never looked at the clock. It  felt like it went by fast. Mr. Cedrone is really responsible for that. He created an environment where I really wanted to go and learn. I never dreaded math.

If you could give advice to an incoming freshman, what would you tell them?

I always tried to be the perfect student and always tried to get A's. It created a lot of pressure and disappointment if I didn't do that well. Learning from your failures is really important. Nobody’s perfect. Just do the best you can and stay true to yourself.  

What is an interesting fact about you that people would be surprised to hear?

I surf on Nantasket Beach.