Kristen Mashikian '17

Peer Tutor
Varsity Track & Field
Benelli Writing Center Fellow
Instrumental Ensemble, Flute

Hometown: Hingham
Attending: Brown University

What are your plans for next year?

I’m attending Brown to study computer science and economics.

What were your favorite classes at Thayer?

Math has always been my favorite subject, so all of my math classes over the past four years have been my favorite. This year AP Calculus with Mrs. Siegel was really nice because it was a small group. I also take programming and those classes are close too-- the group of us stuck together. We have a great program and it’s been nice looking at colleges knowing that we’re prepared for a freshman programming course. Going into a curriculum as rigorous as Brown’s will be hard and already knowing a lot is really helpful.

What’s your favorite memory from Thayer?

As part of the Independent Science Research program, I got an internship at the Boston University Mass Spectrometry Lab. They have a big programming section, and I worked with another programmer there to develop an app. It was cool because I have lots of programming experience in the classroom and the teachers have to teach certain things, but sometimes it's hard to take a step back and ask "what am I doing this for?" By the end of the summer I had learned so much, and we had developed the app for researchers to use in the lab to help them weigh very small proteins.The experience validated what we were doing here. I had just finished my junior year and I was helping people, so that says something about how much the Thayer program does for kids.

What will you miss most about Thayer?

How invested the teachers are here. The classes are so small and the teachers really care. My twin sister was in Mr. Cedrone's AP Calc class and he came in on a Sunday to help them study for the exam. When I went on different college tours, all the students would say, "don't be afraid to ask your teachers for help," and I don’t think that anyone from Thayer would have a problem doing that in college.