Jiayi (Cindy) Su '17

Swimming and Diving, Manager
JV Softball
Model UN

Hometown: Deyang, China
Attending: Carnegie Mellon University

What was your favorite class at Thayer?

I really like my math class this year, Multivariable Calculus. It was a really small class.

What are your plans next year?

I’m going to Carnegie Mellon to study Information Systems.

How did you decide on that major?

I started taking programming this year, and I really liked it. I was looking at computer science programs, but I don’t want to focus purely on computer science, I was looking for a program that covered multiple disciplines. This program at Carnegie Mellon includes computer science and business and liberal arts.

How did College Counseling help you find Carnegie Mellon?

My initial interest was architecture, but when my interest shifted my counselor helped me research and reach out to all the colleges that might be a fit.

What will you miss most when you graduate?

I’ll miss my friends and teachers. I’ve really developed close relationships with the teachers here.

What was your favorite book that you read at Thayer?

The Center Cannot Hold. It’s a book about mental illness, specifically schizophrenia. Ms. Hayman recommended it to our class.

What’s your most memorable academic experience?

I had Mr. King both sophomore year and junior year. I was most nervous about English class because English is not my first language, and I was not sure what to expect. Because of how nervous I was, I wrote an email to Mr. King about what I was concerned about. He was really patient and always available for extra help. With his help, I was able to improve and gain more confidence in that class.

If you could give advice to incoming freshmen, what you would tell them?

Do the musical. I was in West Side Story, Footloose, and Les Mis. I really loved it, and I met a lot of people.