Felice Cabral '17

Allies Club, President
Jazz Combo
Peer Advisor

Hometown: Boston
Attending: Emmanuel College

What was your favorite class at Thayer?

I think my favorite classes were biology in 10th grade, even though science typically isn't my favorite. I also really enjoyed my English classes, junior and senior year with Ms. King. I just loved the way she shaped her classes and the material in general was just very interesting.

What are your plans next year?

I’m going to Emmanuel College. As of right now, I intend to double major in Education and Studio Art.

What’s your favorite aspect of your time at Thayer?

When I was involved with the musical my first semester of 9th grade, it really helped me see where I fit in the high school. Through the arts, I've connected with a lot more people and I love doing it every day, so whenever I get to come to school and do the arts with some of my favorite people, it's definitely my favorite part.

What were your most challenging classes here?

Pre-calculus and chemistry. That’s a tough combination junior year. I had to take it upon myself to go and visit those teachers, sit down, and see what I was doing wrong and what I needed help with. They were tough classes.

What’s your favorite academic memory from your time here?

We had a project junior year in American Masterworks with Ms. King. We were assigned a chapter of The Great Gatsby and we had to analyze the chapter with a partner and talk about any themes and make any connections with other books that we've read. That specific project really made me realize how much I love analyzing literature and it influenced the idea of possibly pursuing education in the future.

What’s your favorite all-time memory from Thayer?

Both junior and senior year, I got to be one of the lead singers in jazz combo with my sister (Felisha ‘18), so I always loved those concerts. This past spring we got to sing our favorite song, Anagram by Young the Giant. It’s a really complicated song. We started working on it in the winter because it was so hard, but we finished it and that was probably my favorite moment.