Drew Kelner '18

Drew Kelner '18

Cross Country (Captain)
Track & Field (Captain)
Jazz Combo

Hometown: Pembroke
Attending: Harvard University

What are your plans next year?

I’ll be attending Harvard and I plan to major in Computer Science.

What was your most memorable academic experience at Thayer?

My junior year, we earned invitation to the American Computer Science League All Star competition in California. I went with Mr. Cedrone and six other kids. We came in 8th out of 22 teams so we were really excited. We also visited the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab.

If you could give any advice to incoming freshmen, what would you say?

Definitely be willing to try new things. There's a lot of different sports and clubs that you can take advantage of early on and that's going to help you build relationships. Also try new things in terms of your classes. I had never heard of computer science before and now I'm going to be majoring in it.

What's your favorite memory from Thayer as you graduate?

The boys cross-country team came in fourth in New Englands this year. That was really exciting because the top four teams get a plaque and we hadn't actually won a plaque since the 90s. We had a really strong group of seniors. Four of the top five runners were all seniors and we've been working together for the past four years so to see it all come to fruition was really cool.

What’s your favorite Thayer tradition?

Winter Wars. As your grade advances and as you get older you definitely get more into it. This year, our senior year, we were really crazy about it and had a lot of fun. It definitely brought the class together.

What’s a fact about you that people would be surprised to hear?

People probably wouldn't expect that I'm captain of a varsity sports team.