Brittany Raphino '19

Brittany Raphino '19

Soccer (Varsity, Captain)
Basketball (Varsity, Captain)
Martin Richard Foundation Challenger Program volunteer
Tour Guide

Hometown: Randolph
Attending: Brown University

How has Thayer influenced you both as a student and as a person?

Thayer has taught me a love of math and science. I started in a basic level of Algebra I, but by junior year I was doubling in PreCalc and Geometry. I made it to AP Calculus my senior year. I also took AP Chemistry. My teachers saw my potential in those areas. 

What was your most challenging class?

AP Chemistry with Ms. Kahlili, but I really loved it. It wasn’t just about memorizing information but more stepping back to look at the big picture. She was always available for extra help. 

Who is your favorite teacher at Thayer?

Mr. Cedrone, my AP Calculus teacher, is my favorite. He respects us, and we respect him. He’s a great teacher. He’s always available for extra meetings or extra help. 

What do you plan to study in college and why?

I’ll attend Brown University. I want to major in neuroscience because of the classes and experiences I’ve had here at Thayer. 

What will you miss most about Thayer Academy?

I’ll miss the relationships teachers have with students. I can always go after class for 1-on-1 help and attention. That goes for my coaches, too. 

What’s an interesting fact about you that most people don’t know?

I love to bake.

What is your most memorable academic experience?

On the last day of AP Calc, Mr. Cedrone told us this really moving story about why he started teaching. Then we wrote our memories on the wall. I just remember feeling so proud that I got to do that. 

Who inspires you the most?

My dad. We’re both similar, both athletic. He came from Haiti and didn’t know English, but he used soccer to make friends. He learned English and became very successful. Now soccer has given me opportunities, and I like to have that connection with him. 

What’s one of your favorite quotes?

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. 

In what grade did you start Thayer, and what advice would you have given yourself on that first day?

I started in the ninth grade. I’d just tell myself to really listen to people and get involved in everything Thayer offers.