Bayden Ibrahim '19

Bayden Ibrahim '19

Softball (Varsity, Captain)
O.M.E.G.A. (Vice President) 
Model UN (President)
Peer Advisor
Black & Orange Yearbook (Chief Editor)
TAPAWS Peer Tutoring (Vice President)
Special Olympics volunteer

Hometown: Randolph
Attending: Northeastern University

How has Thayer influenced you both as a student and as a person?

As a student, I think Thayer has pushed me past limits to levels that I didn’t think I was capable of. All of the teachers really push for academic success, and I think I’ve learned to step beyond my comfort zone. As a person, Thayer has taught me to not be afraid to use my voice. Speaking up for things you believe in is an important skill that Thayer emphasizes. I’ve learned that my opinion and my voice carry so much more power than I can imagine, and Thayer has created an environment where I never feel like I can't express myself. 

What was your most challenging class?

My most challenging class was AP Computer Science. The material and the pace of the class were elements I wasn’t used to, and it took me a little longer to grasp some topics, but I think I worked hard and landed on my feet by the end of the year. 

Who is your favorite teacher at Thayer?

My favorite teacher at Thayer has to be Mr. Cedrone. I’ve had the pleasure of having him in class for two years, and each year he sets straight that if you are willing to put in the effort to succeed, he is more than willing to help make sure you get to that place. The amount of faith he has in his students and the amount of work he does for his students’ success are remarkable. 

What do you plan to study in college and why?

I plan to study computer science and biology at Northeastern University. I really enjoyed the problem solving and analytical thinking in the computer science classes that I’ve taken at Thayer, and I think there’s a really good connection to be made between these two subjects.

What will you miss most about Thayer Academy?

I’m going to miss the relationships I’ve built with teachers over the last years. With a really close-knit community like Thayer, teachers are your friends, too. They genuinely want the best for you, and they want to get to know you as a person as well as a student.

What’s an interesting fact about you that most people don’t know?

I was a Girl Scout for nine years!

What is your most memorable academic experience?

I think my most memorable academic experience has been my AP Calculus class. Along with having a great teacher, it was a great group of dedicated and fun students. You would never even know we met five days a week because everyone was so enthusiastic about the class each day.

Who inspires you the most?

My parents inspire me the most. They both immigrated from Somalia, and I feel fortunate enough to have been there to see my parents struggle and yet still manage to create a comfortable life for me and my sister. They are both living reminders of what they have risked and given up in exchange for our success and happiness.

What’s one of your favorite quotes?

“It is never too late to be what might have been.” — George Eliot

In what grade did you start Thayer, and what advice would you have given yourself on that first day?

I started at Thayer in 6th grade, and if I had to give myself some advice, it would probably be don’t try too hard to fit in. It might take time, but you will eventually find your people.