Annie Huycke '18

Annie Huycke '18

Track & Field (Captain)
Cross Country (Captain)
Peer Advisor
Musical Theater
Jazz Combo

Hometown: Hanover
Attending: Northwestern University

What were some of your favorite classes at Thayer?

I loved AB calculus this year with Mr. Cedrone. He was probably one of the best teachers I've ever had. I really loved calculus. Crossing Borders this past semester with Ms. Hayman I thought was interesting because it delved into a lot of everyday borders and barriers that I hadn't necessarily thought of.  We explored a lot of really cool concepts. I also took Global Scholars, and I enjoyed having the chance to  explore more international themes.

Talk about your Global Scholars Capstone.

We've created the Haiti Education Fund which is raising money to expand the educational opportunities for students in Bon-Repos, Haiti. The fund allows Haitian high school students to continue their education at a university. We are in the process of going through applications and in the process of picking a student. The goal is to finance them for four years of university.

What are your plans for next year?

I’m going to Northwestern and plan to major in theater and international relations.

Has Thayer helped shape those plans?

I'd definitely say so. There's an amazing theater department here, and that really impacted me. The teachers have really helped me figure out who I am as a performer and realize that this is something that I really wanted to pursue. Also through my language classes and through Global Scholars I gained exposure to a lot of international events and global issues, and I think that made me really interested in wanting to pursue an international career.

How did College Counseling help you in your college application process?

I had Ms. Brennan Hall as my college counselor and she was amazing. She was great about finding schools that she thought would allow me to keep pursuing all of the things that I was interested in. She had an open-door policy and was always very welcoming. 

What's the first thing you think of when you think of Thayer?

I would say opportunity. When I was first applying to Thayer and I was looking at other schools, I knew I really wanted to run cross-country in the fall and be in the fall musical, and a lot of the other schools would say, "Okay, you can do one activity one year and then one the next, but you can't really do them both." Thayer was the only school that said, "Yeah, absolutely. Why not?" One of the things that Thayer does so well is that there are so many opportunities to get involved in the community. All the teachers were so supportive of me no matter what I was doing or how many things I was involved in.

What will you miss most when you leave?

I’m going to miss my teachers, because I’ve become really close with them. I really feel like this community's so special because of that support that you find from your teachers and your advisors. I'm so proud to have gone to Thayer.

What was your most memorable academic experience at Thayer?

In Global Scholars we were given the freedom to choose topics we were interested in and wanted to pursue.  It was really interesting because everyone in the class brought something new to the table, because they were each interested in something different  such as access to education in Zambia, Peru, and Nepal, healthcare in Haiti,  and had a different perspective to offer on it.

What's your favorite thing to have for lunch in the Dining Hall?

I really love Chef Doug's salmon, or his chicken tikka masala. I also love the stuffed mushrooms. I could have 10 of those.