Student Profiles

Thayer's graduating senior class is full of students with an amazing variety of interests, talents, and backgrounds. The following students are continuing their education at schools that are not only highly regarded but will also best prepare them to pursue their interests and achieve their goals. Here we profile some members of the Class of 2016 and 2017 and we celebrate what they achieved here at Thayer and look forward to what they will accomplish in the future.

Felice Cabral

Felice Cabral '17

Hometown: Boston
Emmanuel College

Casey Carreau

Casey Carreau '17

Hometown: Acushnet
Attending: Boston College

Brianna Cedrone

Brianna Cedrone '17

Hometown: Marshfield
Attending: Bowdoin College

Matt Gilbert

Matt Gilbert '17

Hometown: Hingham
Attending: Harvard University

Molly Greenough

Molly Greenough '17

Hometown: Abington
University College Dublin

Erin Haley

Erin Haley '17

Hometown: Weymouth
Attending: Vanderbilt University

Braden Joe

Braden Joe '17

Hometown: Westwood
Attending: Chapman University

Patrick Kennedy

Patrick Kennedy '17

Hometown: Weymouth
Attending: Trinity College

John Lucas

John Lucas '17

Hometown: Quincy
New York University

Kristen Mashikian

Kristen Mashikian '17

Hometown: Hingham
Attending: Brown University

Darby Melia

Darby Melia '17

Hometown: Scituate
Attending: Brown University

Dat-Thanh Nguyen

Dat-Thanh Nguyen '17

Hometown: Randolph
Attending: Brown University

Abby Osmanski

Abby Osmanski '17

Hometown: Norwell
Bowdoin College

Beth Pontes

Beth Pontes '17

Hometown: Holbrook
Attending: New York University

Zheqi Shen

Zheqi (Jessie) Shen '17

Hometown: Shanghai, China
Attending: Emory University

Jiayi Su

Jiayi (Cindy) Su '17

Hometown: Deyang, China
Attending: Carnegie Mellon University

Camden Vassallo

Camden Vassallo '17

Hometown: Norwell
Duke University

Isaac Butler

Isaac Butler '16

Hometown: Dorchester
Attending: Washington University, St. Louis

Holly Doyle

Holly Doyle '16

Hometown: Milton
Attending: Bates College

Caley Droof

Caley Drooff '16

Hometown: Hingham
Attending: Cornell University

Jessica Dyroff

Jessica Dyroff '16

Hometown: Duxbury
Attending: Princeton University

Kelsey Farden

Kelsey Farden '16

Hometown: Hingham
Attending: Brown University

Sasa Jovanovic

Sasa Jovanovic '16

Hometown: Weymouth
Attending: Bowdoin College

Sam Knollmeyer

Sam Knollmeyer '16

Hometown: Plymouth
Attending: Hamilton College

Jocelle Marius

Jocelle Marius '16

Hometown: Randolph
Attending: Yale University

Regan O'Donnell

Regan O'Donnell '16

Hometown: Cohasset
Attending: Wake Forest University

Casey Rothschild

Casey Rothschild '16

Hometown: Holliston
Attending: Wesleyan University

Jonathan Stern

Jonathan Stern '16

Hometown: Marshfield
Attending: Duke University