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A common refrain from Thayer alumni and current students alike is that our community is what sets us apart. There is a vibrant, affirming culture here, enriching the experiences at both the Middle and Upper Schools. Moreover, because of the intentionally scheduled school day, students are able to enjoy multiple areas of interest without being forced to choose one or the other. As a result, varsity athletes sing on stage during the fall musical; robotics aficionados craft bowls on a pottery wheel; and students with different interests and from different communities and backgrounds seamlessly join together.
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A Day in the Life of a Thayer Middle School Student

Stefanie McGrath

by Stefanie McGrath

Thayer is a diverse community with all sorts of amazing people striving to make you better in every way. Your morning starts off from home at an early 6 a.m. You get ready and hop in the car to arrive at school before 8 a.m.. When you arrive, the Middle School Director is standing at the door ready to greet you -- rain, shine, sleet, or snow. You walk in the door and get a slight smile on your face as you walk through the beautiful courtyard to your locker. You grab your stuff and head up to Thompson Hall, ready to begin your day...

A Day in the Life of a Thayer Upper School Student

Marisa Goolgasian

by Marisa Goolgasian

My day starts when my first alarm goes off. I roll around for a while before finally dragging myself away from the warmth of my bed. My friend’s black Jeep cruises into my driveway around 6:50 and we get off the highway at the Union Street/Braintree exit by 7:20. Most of my friends aren’t even out of bed by the time I get to school, so I usually make the journey from the CFA parking lot to the Student Commons by myself. Since I’m usually still half asleep at this point, I often get some tea or coffee from the Dining Hall where I’m always greeted with a cheery “Good Morning!”...