Health Services

Thayer Academy school nurses are caring, compassionate, competent and committed to supporting health needs of the Thayer Academy students.

Thayer's policies and procedures for School Health Services facilitate health and safety, and are in compliance with Massachusetts regulations.

Whether your child has a chronic medical condition that will likely impact academics, or develops an acute injury or illness requiring short-term recovery, Thayer Academy Nurses will:

  • provide basic health assessment and supportive interventions
  • support a specific medical treatment plan while at school
  • advocate for your child, by communicating pertinent information with the team of teachers and staff
  • provide education and support to students and faculty/staff about specific medical conditions
  • facilitate your child's ability to advocate for themselves.

Nurses are on campus from 8 am - 4 pm. All students are expected to have their own Primary Care Physician and Health Insurance. The School Nurses also consult with the Thayer Academy School Physician Consultant and with the local Board of Health Nurse as needed for challenging medical situations or infectious disease concerns.