Students in the middle school Media Lab

Clubs & Activities

In addition to the academic, athletic, and arts activities that are available to all students, Thayer Academy is home to an extensive array of clubs and extracurricular activities for virtually every area of interest. Students are often members of multiple clubs, and also regularly take the initiative to form their own club. This is all part of the process of developing personal and group interests, shaping individuals into independent, proactive, and engaged students who rise to honorable achievement and contribute to the common good. Below is a sampling of Thayer’s clubs and activities.

Upper School

Middle School

Jocelle Marius

"I decided to start the debate team after attending a Public Forum Debate Camp at Harvard. I had always had an interest in debate after I saw the movie The Great Debaters. I felt that the Thayer community could really use another outlet to exercise the analytical and persuasion skills that develop through public speaking." - Jocelle Marius


What sets Model UN committees apart from other sporting or academic competitions is that there is a great deal of teamwork and collaboration involved. Students are placed in an environment where people come together, overcome their differences, and solve global challenges. This is what makes this program so special.Jackson Humphreys