Clubs & Activities

In addition to the academic, athletic, and arts activities that are available to all students, Thayer Academy is home to an extensive array of clubs and extracurricular activities for virtually every area of interest. Students are often members of multiple clubs, and also regularly take the initiative to form their own club. This is all part of the process of developing personal and group interests, shaping individuals into independent, proactive, and engaged students who rise to honorable achievement and contribute to the common good. Below is a sampling of Thayer’s clubs and activities.

Upper School


Thayer’s gay/straight alliance at the Upper School, the group works to improve awareness and acceptance of differences in students’ sexual orientation and gender identity.

Birthday Wishes

This club works to fundraise (through bake sales, walks, and dress down days) for birthday party supplies which students bring to local homeless shelters to make each child feel special and celebrated.

Business Club

Students invest ‘virtual money’ in the stock market and compete to see who earns the most.

Community Council

Four elected members of each class make up this governing body responsible for school-wide issues and events such as Homecoming.

Community Service

Students and faculty initiate and participate in dozens of projects each year including the Thanksgiving Food Drive, Holiday Toy Project, Pennies for Patients, Blood Drive, Father Bill’s Shelter and Special Olympics.

Creative Writing Club

The creative writing club provides an informal forum for collaboration, writing prompts and games, and open work-sharing sessions and discussion.

Debate Club

The Debate Club provides an informal forum for discussion of issues that interest Thayer Academy students.

Democrats Club

The mission of the Thayer Academy Democrats Club is to educate, inform, and empower the students of Thayer Academy in support of the ideals of democracy, rights, liberty, opportunity, and equality. Students pursue this mission through legislative action, in- depth conversations, collaboration with local groups, and national and statewide advocacy. This is an active chapter of the Massachusetts High School Democrats.

Discipline Committee

Works with faculty to adjudicate disciplinary infractions (two elected members from each class).

Environmental Club

The Environment Club encourages students to actively improve nature and the environment in their own communities.

Father Bill’s

This club works with the Thayer community – students, faculty, staff, and parents – to give back to the local community through Father Bill’s, a local nonprofit that works to end homelessness in Southern Massachusetts.

Film Club

The film club connects aspiring filmmakers, student actors, and movie lovers to appreciate film and collaborate on projects.

Games Club

Open to all students, this club is dedicated to playing fun board, card and role-playing games.

Habitat for Humanity

This club builds and fundraises for Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit that builds affordable homes for people in need.

Hope 4 Haiti

Club members raise awareness and funds for earthquake relief.

Humans of Thayer Academy

HOTA strives to tell the stories of those in our community. From students to faculty and staff, it is our desire to share the stories of people who you pass in the hall every day and may not speak to. It is our hope that this will make us an even stronger community.

Improv Club

Club members learn and practice the craft of improv.


Students compete in the New England Math League against local schools.

Model UN

Club members represents political, economic, and social aspects of countries at conferences at Harvard and in New York City.


OMEGA (Organization for Minority Enrichment, Growth & Awareness) promotes and supports diversity at Thayer.

Operation Support the Troops

This group works to recognize and support America's military veterans. Club members plan to prepare and send letters and care packages to service members deployed around the globe and to support the Wounded Warrior Program with fundraising and publicity efforts.

Perfect Pals

Perfect Pals is a group of Thayer students who run activities with students from Saint Coletta's School in Braintree. They participate in dances; basketball, kickball, and volleyball games; arts and crafts; game days; and cookie decorating. This group also raises money for Special Olympics with the Jolly Jaunt Run/Walk, and volunteers at Special Olympic events.

Project DEEP

The Dorchester Educational Enrichment Program tutors middle school students in Dorchester.

Red Cross Club

The Red Cross Club works closely with local Red Cross chapters to learn about possible projects that will help our school and our local communities to either promote safety measures or service projects that will help those in need.


(Students Advocating Life without Substance Abuse) members are students who abstain from using alcohol or other drugs at this point in their lives. The club visits local elementary schools and works with 4th graders on healthy decision making. They also visit the Thayer Middle School and work with the TA 6th graders..

Science Club

The Science Club is for students who want to perform experiments and projects in science and engineering. Past projects include holography, robotics and participation in the Physics Olympics.

Speech & Debate Team

The mission of the speech and debate team is to allow students to compete in statewide speech and debate tournaments as part of the Massachusetts Speech & Debate League.


TAPAWS (Peer Assistance in Work and Study) matches students in need of help with fellow students who can assist them.

Thayer Is Aware

Designed to raise awareness about breast cancer, to honor survivors and patients, and to remember those we have lost.

TA Sports Network

TASN works with the athletics office to cover upper school athletic teams. Areas will include announcing at games, interviewing players and coaches after games, interviewing athletes of the week, and writing post game recaps for the website. The goal is to have students promote athletic achievements amongst their peers and to generate school spirit throughout the community.

TA Stage Crew

Stage Crew is an opportunity for those who wish to participate in each show by helping to operate the sets, lights, or sound for any of the three major theatre productions each year.

Tour Guides

Students bring prospective students and their parents around campus and share their experiences.

Ultimate Frisbee

The ultimate Frisbee club meets three times a week for moderately competitive but fun Frisbee matches. All skill levels and grade levels (including faculty) participate.

"Voice" - Student Magazine

Voice is an award-winning student magazine published four times a year. Students provide articles, stories, photographs and illustrations to the publication, which was voted best student magazine in N.E.

Yearbook, "Black and Orange"

Students help produce the award-winning yearbook through layout, writing and photography.

Young Republicans Club

The Young Republicans Club is a group of students who want to learn more about conservative opinions, and help to educate the student body on what conservatives in America stand for. The Young Republicans Club works with the Young Democrats Club to create an educated student body that has the tools to have civilized political discussions backed with facts, so that the students of Thayer Academy can defend, understand, and form their own opinions.

Middle School

American Experience

Students examine the biographies of eleven 20th century presidents who offer an intimate and compelling look at the men who have defined and re-defined the modern presidency, and who led the country through some of the most turbulent and consequential moments in our nation's history.


Come hang out and make some art! Materials are provided for collage, watercolor, and drawing. Project suggestions will be provided each week, but students can bring their own projects (journals, scrapbooks, etc.) as well. This activity provides a chance to unwind at the end of the day by doing something creative.

Debate Club

In our Current Events/Debate Activity, students will choose issues of interest - whether they be local, state, national, or international problems. We will conduct research, discuss and debate, always modeling civility in our discourse.


Spaces available are open by lottery to any 8th, 7th and 6th grade students who are interested in participating. This activity meets three times per week on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Blue Hills Hiking

Students will go to Blue Hills for hiking and a chance to explore the great outdoors! The activity will run rain or shine.

Book Club

If you like to read for fun and want to spend activity period reading a pleasure book (i.e., nothing for school - no homework!), we will just get together and read during activity periods.

Card Playing

This activity is for those who enjoy playing poker and rummy – among other card games. Participants must want to further develop the skills and strategies involved in order to become sharper players.

Chess Club

Students play in round-robin tournaments and learn more about the “Game of Kings.”

Coding and Programming on the iPad

We will learn to write HTML and CSS code for the development of websites, and we will continue to learn languages such as Javascript, Ruby and Python.

Cribbage Critters

In this activity, students will learn the strategic game of Cribbage as well as the simple math skills needed to keep track of the score.

Current Events

Take part in in-depth discussions on topics in the news and in team competitions to see who has been paying attention!

Eighth Grade Video

Put together the video for your class that will be presented at the 8th grader dinner in May! Photos and videos will be compiled with songs to make the class video truly unique and memorable.

"Evergreen" - Yearbook

Help create the middle school yearbook, Evergreen. This club is great for students who enjoy photography, drawing, writing, planning, organizing and working on the computer.

Fishing Lure Fabrication & Modification

Learn how to modify your freshwater and or saltwater lures to attract more strikes. What are the different types of fishing lines? What situation is best for what type of line? Any other topics on fishing techniques are open to be discussed.

Football Film Study

Learn all about the game's Xs and Os and techniques. We will watch Thayer varsity game video, which has been upgraded to digital technology. In addition, we will watch a great deal of college games and practice tape.

Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code is a program that aims to equip young girls with the necessary programming and coding skills to pursue a career in computer science. The club's curriculum includes programming video games, robots, and much more.

Girls with a Cause

This is a yearlong activity for 8th grade girls. GWAC emphasizes self-esteem building, character development, team building, leadership skills, social skills and contributing to community.


This activity is for students who want to sing and dance and who also enjoy the hard work (and fun) of putting together a performance.

Golf Club

Learn to golf or just improve your skills. Students will also get the chance to play 9 holes after school.


KanJam is a frisbee game that combines elements from horseshoes, curling, and an alley-oop slam-dunk contest. While frisbee skills certainly put one at an advantage, no frisbee experience is required. The only pre-requisite is an eagerness to play the game and have fun each day.

Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering is a trading card game that involves strategy and a little luck . In Magic you play the role of a powerful wizard fighting against other wizards for glory, knowledge, and conquest.


Students participate in this nationwide math contest for students in grades 6 – 8 that includes in-person competitions in all 50 states.

Minute to Win It

Just like the game show! Students have 60 seconds to complete fun challenges, which progress in difficulty as the game goes on.


OMEGA (Organization for Minority Enrichment, Growth & Awareness) promotes and supports diversity at Thayer.


Not Tennis! Not Ping Pong! Learn how to play this fun paddle sport for all ages and skill levels.

Pysanky Eggs

In this activity we will create beautiful ornamental eggs out of a simple white egg. “Pysanky” eggs are a Ukrainian tradition that dates back thousands of years.

Rap/Hip-Hop Appreciation

We will listen to rap/hip-hop from the ages, critically consider lyrics as poetry and even create lyrics of our own. If you enjoy lyricism, rhythm and unity, this activity should appeal to you.

Recycling/Garden Club

Do your part to stop waste at Thayer Academy. Students develop and implement a comprehensive recycling program in the Middle School and throughout the community.


The Robotics Activity will allow students to continue to develop their programming skills as they tackle new challenges. Students will be assigned a robot that they can build to complete fun and exciting challenges and competitions with their peers.


In this activity, students will learn about a popular form of writing-- the screenplay. We will table read real Hollywood scripts and learn how to write in the style of a screenwriter. A great activity for movie buffs, readers, writers and actors.

Soule Food Book Club

Students will select 1-2 books to read as a group without the worry of due date, active reading notes, or assignments. We will read during half of the period and we will discuss the novels the second half. Food for your soul and for your belly, because we will also have snacks!

"Tiger's Tale" - Student Newspaper

Help produce the student newspaper through writing of all kinds, photography, working with graphics (including digital imaging), scanning, drawing and other layout projects.

Ultimate Frisbee

The ultimate Frisbee club meets for moderately competitive but fun Frisbee matches. All skill levels and grade levels (including faculty) participate.

Wiffle Ball

Sign up for the most popular backyard game of all time. Teams will be picked at the beginning of each activity period and play for about three innings. This coed game will be fun for everyone, even if you have no experience.

Yoga & Meditation

In this activity, students will practice yoga poses and learn about how yoga can help to manage stress and increase strength and flexibility. Students will also practice other relaxation and stress-reducing techniques including guided meditations, nature walks, and drawing/coloring. No prior yoga experience is necessary, but we do ask that you come with an open mind and a willingness to try new things!

Jocelle Marius

"I decided to start the debate team after attending a Public Forum Debate Camp at Harvard. I had always had an interest in debate after I saw the movie The Great Debaters. I felt that the Thayer community could really use another outlet to exercise the analytical and persuasion skills that develop through public speaking." - Jocelle Marius '16

What sets model UN committees apart from other sporting or academic competitions is that there is a great deal of teamwork and collaboration involved. Students are placed in an environment where people come together, overcome their differences, and solve global challenges. This is what makes this program so special.Jackson Humphreys '20