Our Philosophy


Mission Statement

Our mission is to motivate students and to promote Respect, Integrity, and Success through Education.

Respect: Through respect, we advocate for the growth of self-esteem and citizenship. We create positive influences in our students' lives, so that they, in turn, will be positive influences within their communities.

Integrity: Integrity enables trust. Through integrity, we communicate individual accountability. By emphasizing civic virtue and responsibility, we bolster the goodness within each student, developing the child’s character and creating the leaders of tomorrow.

Success: Success empowers the individual. We nurture the concept of self-efficacy among our students. Ultimately, we strive to instill a sense of confidence within the students' mindsets. They are capable of greatness.

Education: Education is the means by which we inspire students to be aware of the limitless potential they offer to the world. We encourage each student to take positive risks, all the while emphasizing  that failure is also a part of success. We believe that an education is the key to a better society. 

Our Goals

By providing positive role models in the form of teachers and counselors, Project RISE hopes to break the cycle of hopelessness among minorities. Our focus is to provide achievable goals that will lead to life-changing opportunities for our most vulnerable student populations. We seek to improve the social and emotional well-being of our students while inspiring those same students to pursue post-secondary education and fulfilling careers. 

Long-term, Project RISE seeks to make a positive impact in the community by reducing the dropout rate, increasing college enrollment rates among minority students, and encouraging socially responsible behavior.