Senior Project Trip Application

2019-20 Trips

Dear Students and Parents,

Please know that each student’s application will be given a fair and thorough consideration before the selection committees. Criteria for selection will include: general citizenship; academic and disciplinary standing; seriousness of purpose for the trip; and if appropriate, dedication to the study of language, culture, and community service experience. 

Please note, any past disciplinary issues could affect your placement on a senior project trip.

Communication regarding payment dates, vaccinations and forms necessary to travel will come from the individual trip chaperones.

Note: Please check that your son/daughter's passport is valid for six months after the return date of the trip.

Important Dates


Friday, November 8, 2019
Submit Financial Aid application (if applicable)

Friday, November 15, 2019
Submit Trip application for Senior Project Trips

Destination Dates Cost
France May 21 - June 2 $3,700
China May 21- June 2 $3,700
Peru May 21 - June 2 $3,800
Greece May 21 - June 1 $3,800
Bahamas May 21 - 30 TBD
Philadelphia TBD TBD
Shoulder to Shoulder See website for details