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Travel and Exchange Programs

Traveling to other countries embodies the mission of Thayer Academy, as it enriches the educational experience for all who participate. Along with a fresh outlook on their own education, students report a marked growth in self-confidence, an overall increase in sophistication, and a degree of language acquisition far exceeding what is possible in the classroom alone. Further value accrues to the larger Thayer community when we welcome onto our campus and into our homes students and faculty from Thayer Academy’s sister schools.

Travel to India


Darah Harper

Darah Harper

Upper School World Languages Department Head

Upper School Programs

Exchange Programs

The need for true global citizenship is more important than ever. For many, the first chance to sample cultural differences comes through a student exchange program. To that end, Thayer has cultivated a rich set of sister-school exchanges, some of which grow out of our foreign language instruction. In this way, the Academy and its students develop long-term relationships with schools and students in other countries. These programs include visits to Thayer by foreign students. If you and your family are interested in hosting one of our guests from abroad, please contact Darah Smoot Harper ( / 781.664.2213).

Madrid, Toledo, the Galicia region in the city of Vigo - Spain
  • Typically offered in June. Students from Galicia visit Thayer for 4 weeks in the summer, from end of June to end of July.
  • Open to all Upper School students who have completed 2 years of a language.
  • Faculty Contact: Marc Rando, Spanish Teacher ( / 781.664.2283)

Lycée Stanislas - Cannes/Paris, France

CHIREC School - Hyderabad, India
  • Typically offered in December/January. Students from India usually visit Thayer in the fall.
  • Open to all Upper School students.
  • Faculty Contact: Darah Smoot Harper, Director of International Exchange Programs ( / 781.664.2213)


Wei Yu High School - Shanghai, China
  • Typically offered in May as a Senior Project opportunity. Students from China visit Thayer in the fall.
  • Faculty Contact: Darah Smooth Harper, International Exchange Programs Director 
    ( / 781.664.2213)

Travel Programs with a Service Component

Peru - Cusco & Ollantaytambo
  • Typically offered in May as a Senior Project opportunity.
  • Open to all seniors.
  • Faculty Contact: Terri Lukens, Upper School Spanish Teacher ( / 781.664.2269)

Students Shoulder-to-Shoulder - Various Destinations
  • Typically offered in the summer.
  • Domestic travel programs open to 8th graders; domestic and international programs open to freshmen, sophomores, and juniors.
  • Faculty Contact: Erica (Archabal) Dunne ( / 781.664.2202)

The Dominican Republic
  • Typically offered every other year in March.
  • Open to Upper School students studying Spanish.
  • Faculty Contact: Gloria Blanco, Upper School Spanish Teacher ( / 781.664.2321)

Study Abroad Programs

Art & Culture - Italy

Archaeology & Ancient History - Italy

Marine Science - Caribbean
  • Typically offered in May as a Senior Project opportunity.
  • Open to all seniors.
  • Faculty Contact: Don Donovan, Upper School Science Faculty ( / 781.664.2216)

The Ancient World - Greece
  • Typically offered in May as a Senior Project opportunity.
  • Open to all seniors.
  • Faculty Contact: Callie Schneider, Upper School Latin Teacher ( / 781.664.2233)

Middle School Programs

La Culture Québécoise
  • Typically offered every other year in June.
  • Open to rising 8th and 9th grade students of French.
  • Faculty Contact: Angela Toussaint, Middle School Foreign Language Department Head ( / 781.664.2320)

Marine Science - Eleuthera, The Bahamas
  • Typically offered every other year as a student exchange with Deep Creek Middle School.
  • Open to 7th and 8th graders.
  • Faculty Contact: Emmett Knox, Middle School Math Faculty ( / 781.664.2338)