Thayer Academy COVID-19 Covenant

Given our collective responsibilities and shared vulnerabilities, in order to foster the safety of the entire Thayer Community and uphold our commitment to the common good during this time, we pledge: 

  • To conduct daily COVID-19 screenings before coming to campus for any academic or extracurricular activities. If ANY symptoms are present, we will inform the nurse at to keep the school posted about community health status. 

  • To wear a multi-layered mask (at least 2 layers) across the entirety of the campus, including in all buildings, walking throughout campus, and in the parking lot.

  • To observe social distancing of six feet across the entirety of the campus above, adhering to instructions that designate where it is appropriate to stand or sit in common spaces. 

  • To wear a mask when carpooling with non-household members to and from school, as required by the current MA Executive Order.

  • To adhere to school safety rules on campus, the Thayer Travel and Non-Thayer Sports Participation Policy, and local and state laws that relate to COVID-19, including, but not limited to the Massachusetts Travel Policy and current Executive Orders regarding group gatherings.

  • To be honest in all matters and, in this specific context, particularly those related to school health considerations.

We understand that willful or careless departures from our community standards will result in consequences that, in some circumstances, will most certainly include students being asked to learn remotely or even result in discontinuation in our community.