Emergency & Closing Information

Emergency information is sent out in a variety of ways:

  • Automated Phone Call: All phone numbers (landlines and wireless) for students, parents, and guardians will receive an automated message via phone call.
  • Text Message: All wireless phone numbers for students, parents, and guardians will receive a text message (text YES to 87569 to opt in).
  • Email: All students, parents, and guardians will receive an email notification.
  • Website: A notice will be posted on our homepage at www.thayer.org.
  • Radio/TV: To find out if school is closed or delayed, you can check the radio (WBZ 1030 or WRKO 680) or TV (CBS, ABC, or NBC).
  • Recorded Announcement: After 5:30 a.m., you can also call the main number (781.843.3580) and, at the recording, press 4, where there will be a message if the school is closed or classes are starting late.

Decisions about closing school will be based on weather reports and an early morning drive around the area. We recognize, however, that conditions vary widely for our families, so the final decision about whether or not students should come to school rests with the parents or guardians. Students whose families do not wish them to be on the roads even when school is open will be given the opportunity to make up any missed assignments or tests without penalty.