Team/Captain's Parent Guidelines

The guidelines below are intended to act as a road map for team parents and set expectations for all Thayer families involved in team sports. This list is intended to serve as a baseline guide and is certainly not all-inclusive. Please feel free to ask other parents for their assistance. Additionally, please make sure that you are in communication with coaches.


Communication involves you serving as a liaison between coaches and parents as needed. Responsibilities include:

Coordinate Team Food and Drinks

Please create a food and drink schedule for home and away games as soon as possible. Home games are often just water/Gatorade with a small snack, whereas Away games may require sandwiches, etc. Some additional notes:

  • Please coordinate with coach
  • Create Home and Away schedule and ask for parent contributions
  • Use Sign Up Genius to manage the scheduling (very helpful free online tool)
  • Travel time/distance of away game may factor into food needs


So that the parents know all the players (and other parents) on the team and can support them, we ask that you create a roster to pass out to each set of parents at the start of the season. The roster should include:

  • Player name, uniform #, and hometown
  • Roster information is found on each Team Page
  • Laminate at your discretion – it is not necessary

Team Dinner/Events*

Team dinners/events are one of the best ways students bond as a team. We ask that each team have a minimum of 3 events during the season. Please ask for volunteers to host with all families contributing so that it is not a burden on the host family. These events can be held at school if transportation for underclassmen is a concern (to reserve an on-campus space for an event, parents should contact Barbara Browne ( or 781.664.2268). Ideas include:

  • Potluck team dinner
  • Fully hosted team dinner
  • Pizza party (on campus or off)
  • Post-game tailgate with families
  • Team dinner at a restaurant
  • Team breakfast before a game

*Please note that these are not school-sponsored events and the school takes no responsibility for transportation to and from these events.

Support Other Thayer Sports Teams

A big part of the Thayer athletic experience is having fans at games. We ask that you have the captains coordinate a day or two when the team can go and cheer on another team. They would love to have the support and it fosters school spirit.

Coach Gifts

  • It is your discretion to collect for a coach’s gift.
  • We ask that it not exceed $20 per player or whatever amount parents are comfortable giving. However, we do recognize that each team is different and may have different coaching situations. The gift should never be a burden to families.

Senior Day

  • It is a wonderful tradition at Thayer to recognize all seniors at their last home game or final game. Please coordinate this with the coach.
  • Decorations, recognition, and a cake/cupcakes would be a great idea.
  • This should not become a burden and no money should be collected for senior gifts.

End-of-Season Banquets*

  • Banquets are typically held for Varsity teams. It is your discretion whether or not to hold one for a Thirds or JV team or include them with the Varsity team.
  • Coordinate the banquet with team coach
  • May be held at school, student’s house, or local restaurant (to reserve an on-campus space for an event, parents should contact Barbara Browne ( or 781.664.2268)
  • Cost should not be a burden to parents

* Please note that this is not a school-sponsored event and the school takes no responsibility for transportation to and from this event.


  • If your team is going on a trip, please make sure that you or the coach is in regular communication with team families about all details.
  • Trip information will be posted on each Team Page and updated as necessary.

We hope this is a helpful guide to navigate the newly revamped team and captain’s parents’ responsibilities. There are also new FAQs on the Athletics page in the Parents section that you can use as a resource. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

Thank you very much for supporting Thayer athletics. Go Tigers!

Thayer Academy Parent Athletic Council

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