Wonder Star, Jacob Tremblay, Visits Thayer Middle School

Jacob Tremblay, who played Auggie in the hit movie Wonder, made a surprise visit to Thayer Middle School yesterday. He spoke about what it was like filming the movie, which also stars Owen Wilson and Julia Roberts, and his life as an actor. Tremblay also answered several questions from students (all of whom read the book during their time at Thayer), signed autographs, and posed for selfies. Below is an excerpt from the Q&A between students and Tremblay:

What is the toughest thing about being an actor?

Probably keeping up with school, because I'm always traveling. But I do have a tutor that will be with me on set and we'll do school in between scenes.

What did you have to do to get ready for filming each day?

I had to wake up really early before any other cast or crew members got on the set and we had to put on the prosthetics and that took two hours in the morning to put on, and just half an hour to take off. But it was really interesting because they had a bunch of different pieces for it. They had a neck piece. They had a main face piece; a helmet connected to a mechanism, which pulls down my lower eyelids; a wig, contact lenses, and dentures.

How are you similar to and/or different from Auggie?

Well, I think everyone's similar in Auggie in one important way. We all want to be accepted and treated equally and with kindness. Some differences are well, he's smart and I'm not.

Do you go to school and can you talk a little bit about what school looks like during filming?

Yes, I do go to school. I go to public school in Vancouver, Canada. During filming, sometimes I'll have to cut my lunch break a little early because I have to do school, which ... I think sometimes I get tired because I'm doing a lot of work, but I mean, I have to keep up with school, but school is still fun. Sometimes.

What would you want most people to take away from Wonder?

Mainly the message to choose kind, but also be brave and be true to yourself.

When you got the role of Auggie, how was your reaction, like how'd you find out?

I found out one night, when my agents called me and said, "You got the part!" And I was mind-blown because I really wanted that part because I just really wanted to play Auggie. And I was so excited and we, my family and I went out to a restaurant. That was a really fun moment. I got to play Auggie and that was great. I loved that role so much and it was so fun and it was such an honor to play Auggie too.

What is your favorite movie?

Not counting Wonder, uh, that's hard. My favorite movie probably Star Wars, the first one, A New Hope. It's a classic.