Thayer Honors the Class of 2017

Faculty, staff, friends, and family gathered on Thayer's main lawn to celebrate the class of 2017 at the Academy's 140th Commencement Saturday morning.

Aliyah George '17 gave the invocation at the start of the ceremony. Miniard Culpepper P'08, '09, Thayer Academy Board of Trustees member and Regional Counsel for the Department of Housing and Urban Development addressed the graduates, telling them to "believe in your dreams."

"This is a time when your dreams determine the future of our nation," he told them.

Class Speaker Molly Greenough '17 applauded her class for their "zest for life," and told them to carry that zest with them when they leave Thayer. "Carry it with you your whole life," she said. "And you'll undoubtedly better each community you join, as you have bettered ours."

In his address Valedictorian Dat Thanh Nguyen '17 reflected on his time at Thayer. "Everything I did, whether inside my comfort zone or outside my boundaries, I did in pursuit of my goals," he said. "I clung to that purpose, and I allowed it to guide my actions and show me what I needed to do to fulfill my ambitions...Now that high school is over, and the rope that has towed us along is about to be cut, we must look ahead to the future, and seek a new purpose to guide us forward."

Patrick Kennedy '17 provided the Benediction to close out the Commencement.

On Friday, the entire Upper School gathered to wrap up the academic year at Last Chapel. Upper School Director of Studies and history teacher Matt Dunne addressed the school with a touching speech in which he encouraged students to develop their own mission statements. Mr. Dunne is leaving Thayer after 19 years of service.

"Be ready and open to opportunities. Anticipate the possibility of surprises and unexpected turns. Welcome them! Embrace them! Pursue them!, " he said. "Thayer has provided me so many amazing opportunities over the years. As I move on, I intend to be open to the unexpected."

Last Chapel and Commencement award winners are listed below.

Last Chapel Awards

Bill Holbrook Memorial Arts Prizes:

Painting & Drawing: Connor Donovan

Pottery: Finley Mullally

Architectural Design: Robert DeMarco

Graphic Design: Miriam Post

Film: Braden Joe

Theater: Oscar Wahlberg

Photography: Quanzhao He

Dance: Caroline Kelleher

Instrumental Music: Daniel Scapicchio

Vocal Music: Lauren Bennett

Tech Theater: Dana Baker-Tubbs, Tessa McCabe

French Prizes:

French II: Olivia O'Connor

French III: Jiayi Su

French IV: Anna Huycke

Latin Prizes:

Latin II: Garner Thompson

Latin III: Maria Theodore

Latin IV: Kayla McKeon

Spanish Prizes:

Spanish II: Sananca Shen

Spanish III: Jenna Hersh

Spanish IV: Samantha Rando, Cassidy Kearney

Mandarin Chinese:

Chinese II: Jacob Flynn

Chinese III: Thomas Zhen

Chinese IV: Danielle Brown

Richard R. Downey, Jr. Memorial Prize for Excellence in Foreign Language- Molly Greenough

Math Prizes:

Algebra II: Sananca Shen, Adam Fogel

Geometry: William Rentz, Timothy Kemp

Pre-calculus: Ruibin Chen

Freshman Science Award: Erica Plante, Garner Thompson

Sophomore Science Prize: Joshua Chaskes

Charles A. Pitkin Chemistry Prize: Zeyi Gu

Rensselaer Medal: Drew Kelner

Lawrence Cahall, Jr. Prize Scholarship for Excellence in the Study of Science: Charlotte Nickerson

Peter Scott Cahall Science Prize: Loan Anh Tran

Naomi R. and Saul B. Cohen Science Award: Caitlyn Marat

William J. Holbrook American History Prize: William Fitzpatrick

United States History Prize: Amelia Browne

Merton L. Emerson Essay: Caitlyn Marat

Special Historian Award: Finnian Doherty

Roland Stanley Cooper Memorial Prize for History: Olivia O'Connor

Most Improved Freshman English Students: Ryan St. Clair, Grace Casey, Alan Xu, Allison Deegan, Claire Weber

Harriet Gemmel Sophomore Short Story Prize: Katharine Barrett

Junior English Essayist Award: Lauren Bennett

Matthew Callahan Healey '09 Memorial Prize: Jordan Mello-Klein

TAPA Community Service Awards: Lara MacIntyre, Sarah Power, Daniel Torney

Harriet Boynton Thompson Scholarship for Harvard and Radcliffe College: Matthew Gilbert

Morris and Ernestine Litchfield Scholarship for Harvard and Radcliffe College: Matthew Gilbert

Reuben and Lizzie Grossman Awards: Braden Joe and Elizabeth Pontes

Patrick C. Walsh Memorial Award: Michael Tesauro

ISL Award of Excellence: Casey Carreau, Katherine Meehan, Darby Melia

Brown Book Award: Cassidy Kearney

Columbia College Book Award: Morgan Langenhagen

Dartmouth College Book Award: Tessa Schneider

Harvard Book Club Prize: Anna Huycke

Holy Cross Book Prize: Steven Mao

St. Lawrence Book Award: Nicholas Dawson

Williams College Book Award: James Kotopoulos

South Shore Smith Club's Book Award: Kelsey Sullivan

Wellesley College Book Award: Loan Anh Tran

Yale Book Award: Caitlyn Marat

Saint Michael's Book Award: Elias Dow, Kayla McKeon

Saint Anselm Book Award: Samantha Rando

University of Rochester George Eastman Young Leaders Award: Rachel Kran

University of Rochester Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award: Grace O'Hare

University of Rochester Baush & Lomb Honorary Science Award: Zeyi Gu

University of Rochester Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology: Jack DiRico

Patrice Donovan Community Service Award: Hanna Stern

Julian H. Cherubini Prize for Scholastic Excellence: Caitlyn Marat

Cherubini Prize for Achievement in the Arts: Lucille Relaford, Anna Huycke, Felicia Cabral

Fernand LaChance Award: Kristen Mashikian

Nancy Dinatale Taylor Prize: Brittany Raphino

Thomas J. Berry III Prize: Finnian Doherty

William C. Gould, Jr. Prize: Owen Drometer

Colin F. MacDonald III Prize: William Rentz

Maureen E. Bucken Prize: Honour Rhoades

Leo R. Flynn Prize: Sophie Ridlon

Nicholas and Rose Papani Prize: David Havens, Ruibin Chen

Thomas Geraghty: Pablo Hernandex

Frank E. Remick Prize: Brittany Raphino

Ada Helen Gilbert Claff Prize: Lauren Salloum

William J. Holbrook Prize: Charlotte Nickerson

Edith Giles Mitchell Prize: Lauren Salloum

Class of 1992 Community Spirit Award: Donovan Mannion

Ward S. Donner Prize: Timothy Kemp

Commencement Awards

Nancy DiNatale Taylor Award: Darby Melia

Thayer Outstanding Male Athlete Award: Casey Carreau

Maureen E. Bucken Girls Athletic Award: Abigael Osmanski

Thomas J. Berry III Award: Rhyland Keller

Gilbert A. Booth Awards: Patrick Carbone, Elizabeth Tangney

Ward S. Donner Awards: Darby Melia, Jordan Mello-Klein

Phoebe Lee Hosmer Foreign Language Prizes: Lara MacIntyre, Jack McDonough, Brianna Cedrone

Leighton S. Tower History Prize: Zheqi Shen

Louise E. Saul Award for English: Brianna Cedrone, Marisa Goolgasian

Maurice R. Seymour Prize for Mathematics: Matthew Gilbert

Charles R. Mangat-Rai Prize for Computer Programming: Dat-Thanh Nguyen, Matthew Gilbert, Kristen Mashikian

Helen Alden Breen Dramatics Award: John Lucas

E. Ione Lockwood Music Award: Kristen Mashikian, Felice Cabral, Holly Maher

John M. Rodocanachi Art Prize: Dan Nguyen

Nathaniel Augustine Thayer Scholarship: Dat-Thanh Nguyen

Jotham B. Sewell Prize: Dat-Thanh Nguyen

Walter and Prudence Abell Distinguished Service Awards: Tessa McCabe, Braden Joe

Headmaster's Award: Molly Greenough, John Healey