Thayer Climbs for Lung Disease

By Ms. Debbie Siegel P'19,'22

Thayer's Stair Climb team, consisting of Simeone Montrond '18, Caleb Farwell '18, Eli Dow '18, Charlotte Nickerson '19, Tommy Gaffey '20, and Upper School Math Department member Debbie Siegel P'19,'22, took to One Boston Place Saturday morning to benefit the American Lung Association (ALA). 

In all, the group generated $750 for ALA, which works for healthy lungs, clean air, and to positively impact those affected by lung disease, and finished 5th out of 49 teams!

The students enjoyed some healthy competition amongst the 770 stairclimbers and finished with impressive times!

Tommy (5:28!) finished 7th overall  (out of 770!) and 1st for boys 18 years old and under.

Eli: 20th overall and 5th of 22 in his age group

Caleb: 58th overall, and 7th of 22 in his age group

Sim: 59th overall, and 8th  of 22 in his age group

Charlotte: 273rd overall, and 7th of 19 in her age group

Ms. Siegel: 136th overall, and 7th of 76 in her age group

The students were wonderful ambassadors for Thayer, as we met and chatted with folks along the way and also ended up in a conversation with an ALA educator about vaping, the particulars, its dangers, current laws, and current practices, including how vape shops and sellers target middle and high schoolers specifically. 

Thanks to all who supported these students, the kids who bought pizza at our lunchtime sale a few weeks ago, and Chef Doug Foss P'23 and his amazing kitchen staff for helping us set up that day. A special thank you is warranted for Danielle and Tim Clancy P'19, who made a very generous donation to ALA, via our team, which allowed for greater participation and gratitude.

A reminder that parents are invited to join in the fun, so if you think you may have an interest, please email