Thayer computer science students qualify for ACSL All-Star Contest

On the strength of another outstanding year in the competitions of the American Computer Science League (ACSL), Thayer Academy's upper-level computer science students once again qualified for the ACSL All-Star Contest. 

This makes it four years in a row that Thayer programmers have been invited to the all-star contest. Previous invitations have yielded trips to contests in Los Angeles, Rhode Island, and New Jersey. 

Thayer's division in the ACSL includes magnet schools for math/science/technology from all over the United States (Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, and California) and multiple teams from both Romania and Croatia.

Unfortunately, this year's ACSL All-Star Contest, which had been slated for Memorial Day weekend in Connecticut, was not held due to social distancing concerns amidst the COVID-19 crisis. However, this did not dampen the great spirit at the conclusion of the computer science program's first year in the new Hanflig Computer Science Center. 

Upper School Math and Computer Science Department Head Kevin Cedrone P '22, '27, the squad's faculty advisor, congratulated the students on their accomplishments. He noted that graduating seniors Austin Bennett, Annabel Doherty, Ally Deegan, Sydney Langenhagen, Alan Xu, Colin McGinn, Isaac Sadhwani, Garner Thompson, Megan Campbell, Jenna Ludvigsen, and Tyler Knightly provided the skill and leadership to propel Thayer's programming team to its fourth straight ACSL All-Star Contest invitation. 

Thayer Academy ACSL Team
US Math & Computer Science Dept. Head Kevin Cedrone P '22, '27 coordinates with members of Thayer's programming team, one which secured the school's fourth straight ACSL All-Star Contest invitation.