Thayer teachers receive wireless language lab training

Thayer Academy's foreign language faculty recently completed training to better understand updates to their Digital Interactive Language Lab (DILL) software. 

Unlike language labs of the past, DILL is completely wireless; the work of both teacher and student is done via laptop. 

According to US Foreign Language Department Head Marc Rando P '18, '20, Thayer's foreign language teachers have been using the software for years but want to keep up-to-date with improvements to the system. 

A wireless language lab has a number of advantages. First, the system is mobile, meaning the "lab" is anywhere teachers and students want it to be. Students also have increased speaking time, and their conversations can be monitored in real-time by a teacher. Conversations can also be recorded for listening at a later date. 

Another plus is that, when necessary, instructions and/or corrections can be given discreetly to the particular student. 

Thayer foreign language teachers receive DILL training
Thayer foreign language teachers take part in DILL training.