Project RISE Joins Thayer Academy

This fall Project RISE (Respect, Integrity and Success through Education) formally joined Thayer Academy—making official a partnership that's benefitted both RISE and the Academy over the years. Project RISE has operated at Thayer Academy every summer since 1993, when Thayer history teacher and alum Rob Dixon '79 P'03, '16 created the program to provide academic support and instruction to students from some of Boston's underserved neighborhoods.

"Project RISE already has a storied history of providing meaningful opportunities for disadvantaged youths to develop skills and practices that will strengthen them further as they move forward in their lives. For more than two decades, Thayer Academy has hosted RISE on its campus in support of Rob Dixon's vision, and the Academy has benefitted from the contributions to school life made by the numerous Project RISE grads who eventually enrolled at Thayer," said Headmaster Ted Koskores. "The Board of Trustees and I look forward to even more fully integrating the vision of RISE with the mission of Thayer Academy."

While Project RISE will formally exist under the umbrella of Thayer's 501 (c)(3) charter, it will retain its core identity and will be self-sustaining through the modest tuition it charges students and annual donations. Dixon will be the Executive Director of RISE and a new Board-level sub-committee will be established, populated by a mix of Thayer administrators, Trustees, and friends of Project RISE, who will identify and implement ways to take full advantage of the synergies that exist between the mission of Thayer and the vision of RISE.

Both Koskores and Dixon say the partnership will help broaden both the school's and program's missions and provide a path to success for students from various Boston-area neighborhoods.

"RISE will continue to provide opportunities for children from Greater Boston and allow students to have an academically enriching summer experience that will encourage greater college expectations," says Dixon. "I'm hoping RISE will contribute to the cultural inclusion of the Thayer community and with the joining of the two it is our hope that this new partnership will be a model for other institutions in the area."

Project RISE Director Rob Dixon '79 P'03, '16