Hoops 4 Haiti Raises Funds for Saint Rock Clinic

Thayer's own "March Madness" returned with the annual Hoops 4 Haiti basketball tournament last week. The student tournament raised $870 for Thayer's Hope for Haiti club and its support of the Saint Rock Haiti Foundation's medical clinic and community initiatives. The foundation provides quality health care, education, and community outreach to the people of Haiti. 

Launched four years ago, Hoops 4 Haiti invites students to form co-ed teams and compete and advance through rounds of 3-on-3 games running simultaneously on 6 courts in both Alumni and Memorial gyms. Student volunteers keep score, run the game clocks, and usher teams from the opening round through the final four and into the title game. This year 17 teams competed and 90 students participated, either by playing or volunteering to help run the tournament.