Declamation Celebration impresses

Thayer Academy's 33rd annual Declamation Celebration took center stage recently in the CFA's Hale Theater. 

As part of the tradition, Middle School students select, memorize, and orally present a published work. After that, judges choose students who represent the best of the Middle School declaimers, and those finalists perform in Thompson Hall for an audience of faculty, students, and parents. 

Initially delayed because of an early-week snowstorm, this year's celebration took place March 6. 

This year's finalists, 14 in all, were: 

Grade 5 (Class of '26): Will Coughlin and Tess Harper 

Grade 6 (Class of '25): Brendan Brosnan, Brooklyn Masso, and Catherine Woods. 

Grade 7 (Class of '24): Ella Barry, Gabby Guerrero, Jane Richard, and Ollie Seed. 

Grade 8 (Class of '23): Tatiana Allen, Caroline Driscoll, Sam Hisenberg, Emily Johnson, and Peter Luo. 


Thayer Academy Declamation Celebration Finalists

Thayer Academy Middle School's Declamation Celebration finalists for 2019.