Thayer’s Katie Doyle recognized for her excellent work

While all members of the Thayer community have done their part to keep the Academy running smoothly during this pandemic, Kathryn “Katie” Doyle of the Food Services Team plays an important role: ensuring that students, faculty, and staff receive well-prepared, safe lunches. 

Doyle, a member of Friendship Home’s “Bridges to Work” program, has worked six years at Thayer. During these times of COVID-19 protocols, she is in charge of assembling each boxed lunch, making sure it contains a sandwich, a side dish, and other items. She is a valued member of the top-notch team that Chef Doug Foss P ‘23, ‘26 has put together. 

Doyle’s work ethic and enthusiasm earned her a shout-out in a recent edition of Between Friends, a newsletter published by Norwell-based Friendship Home. 

“Katie loves her new role and could not be happier at her job,” reads one sentence from that article, which also mentions how grateful she is to put her culinary skills to use in her other cafeteria duties. 

In addition to its role as an Employment Partner, Thayer continues to deepen its relationship with Friendship Home. Over the last four years, Thayer has made the CFA available for Friendship Home’s “Spring Follies,” an energetic, musical affair for Friendship Club members and friends. Upper School Music Faculty Dan Alosa and Kyle Cedrone ‘22 contribute significant time and effort to this yearly event. Thayer students also volunteer their time at the nonprofit’s annual fundraising gala at Lombardo’s, an event which draws more than 500 guests.

Friendship Home’s “Bridges to Work” vocational program empowers people with developmental disabilities to explore their career plans, set goals, and build the necessary skills to attain and retain a job. It currently includes 30 Employment Partners and 52 program participants, 42 of them in paid positions. To learn more about this specific program, please click here

Founded in 1999, Friendship Home’s mission is to enrich the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families by providing quality respite care and support services in a safe and caring environment. For more information about the South Shore nonprofit, please click here

Katie Doyle Thayer Academy Friendship Home

Katie Doyle is a valued member of The Academy’s Food Services Team. 


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