Middle Schoolers Make Their Mark at Beam Signing

Middle School students joined faculty, staff, and trustees Nov. 5 in a celebration of the new Thayer Academy Middle School, currently under construction and set to open its doors in the fall of 2022. 

Using permanent markers of black and orange, the students gathered under the big tent on the athletic fields of Main Campus to sign their names to a steel beam that will be used in the actual construction project. After that, middle schoolers enjoyed ice cream sundaes and a chance to relax with one another on the fields. 

The event was light on pomp and circumstance and heavy on fun and games. Head of School Chris Fortunato P ‘26, ‘26 led the way by telling students that he was “beaming with pride,” one of several intentionally groan-inducing puns that did nothing to dampen student enthusiasm. As the students walked to sign the beam by advisory, Middle School Director Galen Hamann offered a series of Thayer-themed trivia questions which the students were eager to answer, sometimes all at once. 

That said, both Fortunato and Hamann made clear the importance of the construction project within the context of the Academy’s history. In his brief remarks, Fortunato recognized Anna Boynton Thompson, one of three original teachers at Thayer Academy when it opened in 1877, whose bequest made possible Thayerlands, a predecessor of the Middle School, in 1924. The Middle School as it exists today began in 1969. 

“This is pretty special,” said Fortunato of the beam signing. He then told students: “Remember that you will always be a part of this school.” 

For more details on Thayer Academy’s Middle School Transformation Project, please click here

Thayer Academy Middle School Beam Signing 1

Students were eager to sign a steel beam which will become part of the new Thayer Academy Middle School. 

Thayer Academy Middle School Beam Signing 2

Middle School students were given the choice of black or orange permanent markers with which to sign the beam. Afterwards, they were treated to ice cream sundaes. 

Thayer Academy Middle School Beam Signing 3 Hamann

Middle School Director Galen Hamann led students, by advisory, during the beam signing. 

Thayer Academy Beam Signing 4 Fortunato

Head of School Chris Fortunato P ‘26, ‘28 added his John Hancock at the Nov. 5 Middle School beam signing. 


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