Global Scholars Program Capstone Projects Highlight World Issues

Seniors in Thayer Academy’s Global Scholars Program conducted extensive research and developed a variety of original Capstone Projects on global issues this spring semester. 

Each project showcases that student’s dedication to increasing awareness and influencing mindsets on an issue that student believes is critical to understanding our world today. Moreover, each Capstone Project expresses faith in the power to make the world a better place. 

This year, issues included: Anti-Transgender Violence, the U.S. Migrant Protection Protocols, Infrastructure in Angola, Fast Fashion, Anti-Semitism, Overfishing, Factory Farming, School Systems and Mental Health, Girls' Education in Haiti, the U.S.-Mexico Border Crisis, and Native American Residential Schools. 

To access a slideshow of the Global Scholars Class of 2022 Capstone Projects — including links to related websites and podcasts — please click here

Thayer Academy's Global Scholars Program promotes greater awareness of and engagement in global issues by combining interdisciplinary academic learning with application to real-world experiences. Students who successfully complete all of the program requirements are recognized as Thayer Academy Global Scholars at graduation.

Current faculty members involved in the Global Scholars program include Upper School Director of Studies and History Faculty Lynette Sumpter, who serves as director of the program; Upper School World Languages Faculty Aidan Rooney P ‘07, ‘15; and Upper School History Faculty Karen Jersild. 

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