Thayer seniors present Global Scholars Capstone Projects

Thayer seniors present Global Scholars Capstone Projects

More than a dozen seniors presented their Global Scholars Capstone Projects during a May assembly in the CFA’s Hale Theater. The presentations not only informed the Thayer community about a number of global issues but also fulfilled a requirement of the Academy’s Global Scholars Program. 

One senior, Matt Miller, discussed his time over Spring Recess working with a non-government organization (NGO) in the Philippines to teach the basics of English and math to children living and working in the city streets of that nation. Another, Andreia Soares, showed the connection between poverty and sex education before chronicling her own efforts to create a sex education curriculum and then teach it — in both English and Spanish — in the classrooms of the Boston Public Schools. Yet another student, Ella McGillivray, shone a light on the recent reemergence of antisemitism. 

Three students offered their Capstone Project presentations via video recordings as they were in the midst of taking AP exams. 

The projects varied not only in topic but in format. Caroline Driscoll created a documentary for her project, one which focused on community service at Thayer, as did Mia Matos, whose subject was gentrification in Boston. Ty Mainini built a website on the topic of poverty in Boston; he also volunteered his time with organizations such as My Brother’s Table, which offers meals and outreach to those in need. John Kuropatkin also built a website to create a database of day-to-day news coverage concerning Russia’s invasion of and subsequent war with Ukraine. Morgan Spriggs created a podcast on women in sports as well as women in sports media. Jackson Moses also created a podcast on the topic on LGBTQ+ in the military and the legacy of the “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” policy. Caroline Gelina discussed the need for sustainability in the textile industry; the senior later held a successful upcycling event on campus. 

Other topics addressed in Capstone Projects included: “Food Deserts in the Boston Area,” presented by Isabela Augmon; “Teen Mental Health Around the World,” presented by Samantha Noonan; “The Criminal Justice System in Massachusetts,” presented by Alena Mulhern; “Period Poverty,” presented by Isabella Rivera; “Coastal Ecosystems,” presented by Hilary Morris; and “Blue Zones & Healthy Eating,” presented by Salvatore Proud. 

Faculty members currently involved in the Global Scholars Program are: Upper School Director of Studies Lynette Sumpter, who also serves as director of the Global Scholars Capstone Program; History Faculty Matt Dunne, who also serves as co-coordinator of Thayer’s Anti-Racism and Social Justice Program; Upper School World Languages, History, and English Faculty Aidan Rooney P ‘07, 15; History Faculty Karen Jersild, who also serves as director of the Benelli Writing Center; and Southworth Library Director Amy Perry. 

Global Scholars

Thayer Academy's Global Scholars Program encourages greater awareness of and engagement in global issues by combining academic learning with real-world experiences. The program contributes to the “Common Good” as expressed in Thayer’s mission statement. Students who successfully complete all of the program requirements are recognized as Thayer Academy Global Scholars at graduation. 

Listed with the topic of their capstone project, members of the Class of 2023 Global Scholars Cohort are: 

  • Isabela Augmon — Food Deserts in the Boston Area 
  • Caroline Driscoll — Our Story: Struggles to Solutions (a documentary on community service at Thayer) 
  • Caroline Gelina — Fast Fashion and Sustainability
  • John Kuropatkin — Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine 
  • Ty Mainini — Poverty in Boston 
  • Mia Matos — Gentrification in Greater Boston 
  • Ella McGillivray — The Re-Emergence of Antisemitism  
  • Matt Miller — Education in the Philippines
  • Hilary Morris — Coastal Ecosystems 
  • Jackson Moses — LGBTQ+ in the Military: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell 
  • Alena Mulhern — The Criminal Justice System in Massachusetts 
  • Samantha Noonan — Teen Mental Health Around the World 
  • Salvatore Proud — Blue Zones & Healthy Eating 
  • Isabella Rivera — Period Poverty
  • Andreia Soares — Sex Education in Boston Public Schools 
  • Morgan Spriggs — Women in Sports 

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