Sixth graders take center stage with Greek Myths

Sixth graders take center stage with Greek Myths
Greek Myths 2023

Taking their turn in a Middle School tradition, 6th graders performed Greek Mythology Plays before their parents and guardians Nov. 16 in Thompson Hall. 

As part of the curriculum, 6th graders apply their knowledge of Greek mythology to design personalized masks which, after weeks of cold reading and rehearsal, they use to perform the plays. The plays were directed by Middle School Theater Director Tara Corcoran ‘88 P ‘19. 

The Plays & Cast: 

LETO: Conor Morrissey, Ellie O’Connor, Chloe Poon, Sam Kendall, Amy Ma, Anna Chen, Payton Bryson, and Matthew McGuirl. 

DIONYSUS: Elsa Hancock-Happ, Matthew McGuirl, Chloe Poon, Henry Doan, Payton Bryson, Conor Morrissey, Ellie O’Connor, Sam Kendall, Sam Petrie, Amy Ma, Anna Chen, Sam Choueiri, Analeigh Isturis, and Luke Wallace. 

ARIADNE: Luke Wallace, Conor Morrissey, Sam Choueiri, Analeigh Isturis, Payton Bryson, Matthew McGuirl, Sam Kendall, Ellie O’Connor, Henry Doan, and Sam Petrie. 

ARTEMIS & NIOBE: Tommy Whittle, Bennett Fink, Colton Butkuss, Harper Winters, Shannon Kyller, Isaiah Kahn, Claire Dowden, Ben Petrie, Xavier Ardayfio, and Shivani Anand. 

Greek Myths 2023


ATHENA: Xavier Ardayfio, Lily Le Bel, Bennett Fink, Tim Curran, Ben Petrie, Julia Campanale, Isaiah Kahn, Claire Dowden, Shivani Anand, and Tommy Whittle. 

HERMES: Shivani Anand, Teagan Brandt, Ben Petrie, Tim Curran, Harper Winters, Xavier Ardayfio, Tommy Whittle, Shannon Kyller, and Micah Wartman. 

DEMETER & PERSEPHONE: Liv Torok, Matty Stapleton, Nora Devine, Essie Sam, Antonio Lazzari, Xavier Chrispin, Isabella Chikwendu, Bridget Kelly, Max Kerger, Maddie Reinfurt, and Caroline McKinney 

PROMETHEUS & PANDORA: Antonio Lazzari, Bridget Kelly, Lawrence Mitchell, Isabella Chikwendu, Rocco Monfredo, Max Kerger, Matty Stapleton, Caroline McKinney, Nora Devine, and Maddie Reinfurt. 


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