Okunlola accepts invite to 2023 All-American Bowl

Okunlola accepts invite to 2023 All-American Bowl
Samson Okunlola opens the All-American Bowl box with his mother looking on

Okunlola's parents looked on at the event

Thayer Academy’s Samson Okunlola ‘23 has accepted an invitation to play in the 2023 All-American Bowl. 

The highly recruited offensive tackle — who is six feet, five inches tall, weighs 305 pounds, and possesses explosive power and quickness — is one of only 100 players selected for the annual all-star game. The game will be held Saturday, Jan. 7, 2023, in the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. It will be broadcast on NBC and Peacock. 

“I appreciate everyone coming out today,” said Okunlola Monday (Oct. 31), flanked by parents Jomel and Monica, after opening an invite box containing a commemorative T-shirt and baseball cap in Thayer’s Memorial Gym. “Much love.” 

Considered the most prestigious high school all-star football game in the nation, the All-American Bowl boasts a storied tradition, including the fact that 533 draft picks, 86 Super Bowl champions, 193 Pro Bowl selections, and 16 Heisman finalists have played in years past. 

Okunlola is the first Thayer football player to earn the honor. 

The senior is in the process of committing to a college next year and has winnowed the field of offers down to nine finalists: Oregon, Penn State, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Ohio State, Miami, Michigan State, and Oklahoma.

Samson with Coach Toussaint

Okunlola with Coach Jeff Toussaint

Samson Okunlola and his parents were all smiles at the event

Okunlola and his parents

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