It’s no mystery: ‘Clue’ is fantastic fun

It’s no mystery: ‘Clue’ is fantastic fun

So whodunit? It was the cast and crew of Clue in Hale Theater with an absolutely thrilling and uproariously funny opening night performance. 

Friday night’s show went from mystery to mayhem to murder and back again, sped along by a cast in complete control of the fast-paced dialogue and with a sense of timing, comedic and otherwise, that would make a Swiss watchmaker jealous. The stage crew seamlessly facilitated intricate set changes to recreate the various rooms of a creaky old mansion to add to, in the words of Upper School Theater Director Kelly Hines P ‘18, ‘19, “the madcap energy of this comedy murder mystery.” 

Inspired by the 1943 board game and based on the 1985 film, Clue: High School Edition is now one of the most produced shows in high schools across the country. Hines serves as director/producer while Renee Martel ‘25 serves as student director. Jaden Smith ‘24 is the show’s stage manager and Merritt Grillo ‘24 is the show’s assistant stage manager. 

Clue, wrote Hines in her director’s note, required collaboration among many Upper School departments. She praised Upper School visual arts teacher Anni Zukauskas P ‘28, ‘29 and her gifted company of artists, led by Charlie Gavin ‘24, for creating the floor mural on stage. She lauded Digital Media Coordinator Emmett Knox ‘04 and his team of sound engineers who attended rehearsal every day for the majority of the process. Hines noted the efforts of Upper School visual arts teacher Diane Haigh and her graphic arts students for adding the final touches to the scenery. And Hines also thanked Creative Director Paul Kahn P ‘27, ‘30 for creating the vintage-inspired poster and game card design which decorated the campus and involved the entire community in the fun. 


The final performance of Clue will take place Saturday, Feb. 24, at 7 p.m. in the CFA’s Hale Theater. 

The stellar cast includes: 

Cat Sheehan ‘24 as Wadsworth 

Julia Fiorello ‘24 as Mrs. White 

Alexa Hartman ‘24 as Miss Scarlett 

Eli Lukens ‘24 as Col. Mustard 

Jack McCarthy ‘24 as Professor Plum 


Matt Sullivan ‘24 as Mr. Green 

Julia Yezukevich ‘25 as Mrs. Peacock 

Lily Heaton ‘25 as Yvette 

Sadie Smith ‘24 as The Cook 

Daniel King ‘27 as Mr. Boddy 

Austin Archabal ‘27 as The Motorist 

Paige Johnson ‘26 as The Cop 

Josette Chenaur ‘24 as The Dagger 


Matt O’Connor ‘24 as The Rope (and Agent Who Saves the Day) 

Michael Sheehan ‘27 as The Wrench 

Meghan Sloan ‘25 as The Lead Pipe 

Catherine Woods ‘25 as The Revolver (and Singing Telegram Girl) 

Ana Sullivan ‘27 as The Candlestick 

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