Dance concert reaches new heights

Dance concert reaches new heights


The TA Dance Company Concert was held March 7 in the CFA’s Hale Theater and offered a wide range of excellent performances. 

Members of the company performed to an eclectic set list of music, from Lizzo’s “Pink” to Justin Bieber’s “Maria” to “Waltz of the Princesses” from Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. Dirty Water Boulevard — a student band with Josette Chenaur ‘24, Eli Lukens ‘24, Jack McCarthy ‘24, and Michael Sheehan ‘27 — performed as guest musicians. Abby Concannon ‘28 offered a Middle School guest performance; Concannon not only danced but choreographed the dance piece. Another highlight of the night was an Art in Motion Series in collaboration with Artist in Residence Sophy Tuttle. 

Upper School performing arts teacher John Crampton served as director of the TA Dance Company while Upper School English teacher Jaclyn Sanford served as rehearsal assistant. Julia Fiorello ‘24 and Clare LaMattina ‘24 were the student directors. 


The TA Dance Company includes: Idalyn Chong ‘27, Julia Fiorello ‘24, Janessa Horner-Barbosa ‘27, Ceili Kornhaber ‘26, Mary Keleher ‘26, Clare LaMattina ‘24, Ellie Louvar ‘25, Gabriella Monteiro ‘26, Sage Rudnick ‘27, Sidney Schneider ‘27, Ana Sullivan ‘27, and Ianna Tai ‘25. 

As the two seniors in the company, Fiorello and LaMattina were celebrated for their efforts over their high school careers.

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