Castle Project offers hands-on approach to geometry

Castle Project offers hands-on approach to geometry

Geometry — that branch of mathematics concerned with the measurement, properties, and relationships of points, lines, angles, surfaces, and solids — can seem arcane at times, but it can seem less so when using it to build one’s dream castle. 

Seven of Thayer’s geometry classes were recently tasked with designing and then building a 3D castle or house using common household products such as cereal boxes, toilet paper rolls, etc. The students created blueprints, either by hand or using online software, for their models; they then got to work constructing their castles. A total of 10 geometric shapes were required, and all entries had to include the following shapes: prism, pyramid, cylinder, cone, and hemisphere. 

But that was just the beginning of the work. Once construction was complete, students had to calculate the volume and surface area of their 3D models. They then had to present their projects to their respective classes during the week of May 13. The classes of math faculty members Amanda Taylor, Deb Siegel P ‘22, Brendan McKiernan, and Ariel Maleh participated in the experiential project, which took roughly two weeks to complete. 

The geometry teachers praised their classes for embracing the project so fully as evidenced by student castles showcasing a great degree of forethought, complexity, and creativity. 

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