Thayer Academy Bus Service Registration

Due August 20

FEES By submitting this registration form online, you agree to pay the applicable fee - $2250 for round-trip transportation or $1675 for one-way. These prices are per student. The Business Office will bill you for the service.

BUS SCHEDULE ≠ ATHLETIC SCHEDULE Online submission of this form also indicates that you understand that athletic schedules do not correspond to this bus schedule.

Upper School students who participate in sports will not be finished with practice or games in time to take the bus home at 4 p.m.

Each year, Thayer Academy tries to meet the economic necessity of booking at least a minimum number of riders on each route. Every effort has been made to keep bus fees as low as possible. Our goal is to efficiently accommodate as many families as possible by using central pickup and dropoff locations.

Based on the demand in prior years, we believe that sufficient seats will be available on most routes. However, the best way to ensure a space for your student(s) is to submit the registration form below as soon as possible, but no later than August 20.

NOTE: Please check the bus route listings below as some of the route information has changed.

JOSEPH INGLE BUS COMPANY Please feel free to call the Joseph Ingle Bus Company Office (781.982.9193) if you have a question about the location or arrival time for a bus. There is usually a person in the office to answer the telephone while the buses are running.

To register for bus service, please complete the form below.

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Bus Passes for Occasional Riders

Students who have not signed up for regular bus transportation may find that they need to ride the bus on occasion. For those times, if seats are available, students can purchase a bus pass either in the Business Office, the Middle School Office, or in the Student Commons from Mr. Murphy.

  • Individual one-way bus passes = $12 each
  • A pack of 10 passes = $100

A student who rides without using a bus pass will receive a $20 charge on his or her account.

Bus Routes

Please check the lists below as some of the route information has changed.

Important Note:Students must plan to be at the bus stop before the departure time noted. Some of the stops are on heavily traveled roads where the driver cannot wait for students who are late. The drivers have been instructed not to wait beyond the times listed in the schedules below, so that buses can arrive at school on time.

Buses depart at 4:00 pm unless otherwise noted on the school calendar. (

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