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Please read the following statements, and enter your electronic signature in the section below to indicate that you understand and agree to terms of participation and release for Thayer Academy's Strength, Speed & Conditioning Program.

1. Permission is granted for my child to participate in all activities.

2. I understand that the Thayer Academy reserves the right to dismiss a participant if his/her behavior interferes with the rights or safety of others, or the smooth functioning of a group or activity; or if he/she violates the program’s principles of conduct; or if the child has special needs that were not brought to the Program Director’s attention at the time of registration.

3. I authorize Thayer Academy to make, have, use, publish, and reproduce photographs, slides, and videotapes of my child for Thayer Academy records or public relations purposes.

4. I understand it is my responsibility to bring any special concerns about my child to the Academy’s attention at the time of registration.

5. I understand and accept Thayer Academy’s policy that once a registration is accepted, no refund or transfer of funds will be made in the event of withdrawal, dismissal, failure to attend, or incomplete attendance (for any reason).

6. I hereby agree to release, hold harmless and forever discharge Thayer Academy, its trustees, employees, and agents from any and all liability for any damage, injury, or loss to my child or my child’s property in connection with his/her participation in any and all Thayer programs.

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Please contact Coach Jeff Browne if you have any questions. ( / 781.664.2237)