Middle School Handbook 2018-2019

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Technology is an integral part of Thayer’s academic program, and it plays an increasingly large role in our lives outside of school as well. Thayer Academy students are expected to use technological resources in ways that affirm the values of the Thayer community. To that end, all students are required to adhere to the Appropriate Use of Technology Policy (AUTP) – explained here.

Students are representatives of Thayer Academy, and in that role, they are expected to make decisions, on campus, off campus, and on the Internet, in ways that conform to the values of Thayer Academy. The guidelines given here for appropriate use of technology supplement the standards of behavior discussed in other parts of the Handbook and they generally follow common sense rules for responsible and ethical behavior. This policy is in effect for the use of school-issued mobile devices on the Thayer Academy campus and on other off-campus networks that are not affiliated with the school.

Thayer Academy provides technologies intended for educational usage. All of Thayer’s electronic resources: school-issued MacBook Air laptops, computers, printers, servers, voice, data, and Thayer-hosted systems, collectively known as the TigerCloud, and the data stored in these systems are owned by Thayer Academy. Student usage of the TigerCloud on and off campus, is restricted to activities directly related to our academic goals. At all times, students must follow all network security practices as stated in this document, and other rules that might be posted at various times throughout the school year. Students must report security risks or violations to Director of Technology Theresa Jay. The accounts and data of graduating seniors will be deleted on August 31st, in the year of their graduation. The accounts and data of attrition students will be deleted immediately upon their departure.

A copy of Thayer’s AUTP will be distributed to students at the beginning of the year. Once a signed copy is returned and on file, students will be given access to Thayer’s TigerCloud. Violations of the Appropriate Use of Technology Policy may result in disciplinary actions up to and including suspension or dismissal from the Academy.


(Appropriate Use of Technology Policy)
  • Students may only use Thayer Academy’s email service (@thayer.org) to communicate with faculty and staff.
  • Students may not use their personal email accounts to communicate with faculty and staff.
  • Students may not use any cell phone or digital watch functions during classes without permission from a teacher. This includes, but is not limited to calling, texting, messaging, video or sound recording, and taking still pictures. Except in very specific circumstances that are approved by the division head, students should not text any Thayer faculty or staff.
  • Students may not take pictures or video on campus or at school functions of any Thayer employees or students without their express permission or permission of the Academy. Under no circumstances, may students record pictures, video, or sound of an inappropriate nature. In addition, students may not record pictures, video, or sound in private settings such as locker rooms and bathrooms.
  • The Academy reserves the right to monitor, inspect, and/or record all data stored in or transmitted via the TigerCloud. Use of the TigerCloud is a privilege, not a right. The Academy reserves the right to suspend or terminate a user’s access privileges.
  • The use of games and amusement software is not permitted on the TigerCloud, or on any other Thayer computer equipment; nor are users allowed to use any part of the TigerCloud for commercial purposes.
  • Students will be provided accounts to access the TigerCloud on and off campus. Student accounts provide the means to access services including file storage, a Thayer e-mail account, Thayer’s website, and filtered Internet access on campus.
  • Thayer-owned MacBook Air laptops issued to students will also have global Internet filtering 24/7, both on and off campus.
  • Students may not log onto the TigerCloud in any way other than by using their own account name and password, and they may not use another person’s account. Students may not attempt to learn the passwords of others or share their passwords with others.
  • No unauthorized copies of software may be used on the TigerCloud, nor may unauthorized copies of software be loaded onto school-issued student laptops or computers. This includes multiple loading of software products licensed for use on a single machine.
  • When using Thayer’s electronic resources, students must not give out personal information about themselves unless it requested by the Academy. Students must never use Thayer’s electronic resources to share private information about other students on the Internet.Inappropriate usage of Thayer Academy’s technology resources also includes, but is not limited to unauthorized use of social media platforms (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.).
  • All official Thayer clubs that have an Instagram account, Facebook page, Twitter account, or any other social media presence must have a club advisor. The advisor will monitor the club's social media activity and address any inappropriate activity as warranted under the circumstances. Any content that a student would like posted on Thayer Athletic social media channels should be submitted to the Assistant Athletic Director.
  • Bullying, cyber-bullying, cruelty, inappropriate language, and harassment have no place in the Thayer community. As members of Thayer’s community, students must conduct themselves in ways that are not hurtful to others or to their property. Refer to the Harassment and Anti-Bullying Policies on pages 7-12 in the Handbook.

Much of what has been outlined here refers to activity that takes place within the TigerCloud, at Thayer–related functions, or on Thayer electronic resources, but it must be understood that harassment of other students or employees of Thayer Academy by any means – on or off campus – is not acceptable, and the Academy reserves the right to respond with appropriate disciplinary action if such harassment should occur. In sum, students are representatives of Thayer Academy, and in that role, they must act in ways that conform to the values of Thayer Academy.

Thayer Academy AUTP Top 10

  1. Be careful. Treat your school-issued MacBook Air laptop with extreme care. Store your MacBook Air laptop in a locker when you are not using it.
  2. Be ethical. Use only your own MacBook Air laptop and network accounts, no one else’s.
  3. Use good judgment. Never take photos, video, or audio recordings without permission. (This includes photos, video, or audio recordings of another student or a teacher)
  4. Be thoughtful. Information shared on Internet networks is public. Never write or post anything you would not want to share publicly.
  5. Be respectful. MacBook Air laptops are for academic use. Pay attention in class – don’t multi-task.
  6. Be responsible. All content and websites that you access should be appropriate for school. Do not try to avoid web filtering and protection methods.
  7. Be kind. Communicate online as you would in person. Don’t use your MacBook Air laptop to ridicule others or to make jokes at someone else’s expense.
  8. Be safe. Never share your passwords, and don’t share personal information online.
  9. Be aware. Your network activities are monitored and stored. They can be examined at any time.
  10. Be cooperative. If you see something happening that you know is wrong, speak up.

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