Top Tigers

A selection of Thayer alumni student-athletes who have achieved professional and Olympic success in their sport.

Kyle McKenzie pitching

Anthony Melchionda swinging a bat

Mike Jones playing basketball

Sarah Albrecht running

Ryan Whitney playing hockey

Ryan Cox playing hockey

David Gove profile picture

Brooks Orpik playing hockey

Matt O'Toole playing soccer

Scott Perry yearbook photo

Mike Torney playing hockey

Kevin Caufield yearbook photo

Mike Mottau playing hockey

Dan Rudolph yearbook photo

Kyle Snowden playing basketball

Carmello Travis playing basketball

Kelly Amonte yearbook photo

Dave Hymovitz yearbook photo

Tony Amonte playing hockey

Jeremy Roenick Team USA photo

Lisa Miller yearbook photo

Rob Dixon playing basketball

David Silk playing hockey

Will Grant playing football

David Hemery running at the Olympics

Dick Mills pitching

George Burke playing basketball

Recent Thayer Grads Participating in College Sports