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2018 Season Recap:

The Boys and Girls Ski Teams competed against eight other ISL schools every Wednesday at Nashoba Valley Ski Area. In addition, the team hiked and skied in the Blue Hills and took a training trip to Waterville Valley. The six seniors on the team have skied their entire four years at Thayer. The Boys team, especially, hopes to add racers next season. Both teams will have tryouts immediately after December exams next fall. This year's most significant accomplishments are the girls' third place finishes in the ISL and at New Englands and the individual awards earned by sophomore Ciara Sage and freshman Lilly Arends.

2018 Award Winners:

Girls MVP: Ciara Sage

Coaches Cup: Caitlyn Marat

Boys MVP: Collin Chaisson

All-League: Ciara Sage

All NE: Lilly Arends (GS & SL), Ciara Sage (GS & SL)


Students and parents are welcome to contact the coaches at any time with questions. Our contact information is:

Head Coach Bryan Morrissey 781/858-7101

Head Coach Heidi Brown 617/283-4609

Assistant Coaches Paul McCaron

Ms. Brown is on campus every day; her office is in room 310 of Main building of the Upper School, next to the U. S. History classroom.

Middle School students can also speak to Mr. Reid, Middle School Athletic Director, during the school day:

Mr. John Reid 781/664-2289 (o)


V/JV GS Races
Nashoba Valley Ski Area
Other Girls 3rd. Boys 7th
What a fantastic day the girls teams had today! The varsity girls finished in third place overall, the team's best finish in many years, The four skiers who scored for Thayer were Annabelle Graziano '22 (4th overall), Ciara Sage '20 (5th), Lilly Arends '21 (13th) and Sadie Compson '20 (19th). Sydney Langenhagen '20 and Izzy Gomes '19 finished 26th and 27th, while captain Rachel Kraan '18 finished in 40th place. The team finished six points behind the second place team--a gap that is well within the skiers' reach if they continue to ski well. The jv girls earned first place, led by Charlotte Ashley '21 in third place and Kate Rulon '19 in fourth place, along with Jessie Stutzman '20 in sixth place. Other notable finishes include Ashly Cashman's ('19) 11th place finish, as well as the placements earned by Caroline Williams '21 (20th), Cait Sullivan '19 (22nd) and Kaylee McGinn '19 (24th). Well done, girls! Expect to see some of the skiers move back and forth between varsity and JV, both as we move to slalom races and as we try to give experienced racers varsity starts.

Unfortunately, two boys were not able to ski today because their field trip did not return to school in time and a third was ill. Fortunately, all four varsity boys who did race finished both their runs. In addition to being small in number, the boys team faces very stiff competition from eight other schools. Senior Collin Chaisson earned a 15th place finish, junior Nick Bower finished in 31st place in his first race of the season, senior Rod Van Pelt had an impressive second run and sophomore Sam Garber was not far behind Rod. If you look at the results, you can see that the boys are separated by hundredths of seconds; .05 seconds might separate five place points. Small improvements made in practice will help the skiers on race day!
V/JV GS Races
Nashoba Valley Ski Area
Boys 7th. Girls 3rd
Thayer's seven boys combined to finish seventh overall this week. Collin Chaisson '18 skied to a 20th place finish, while Nick Bower '19 (27th), Sam Garber '20 (35th) and George Rowe '19 (41st) rounded out the team's scoring. Thom Brennan '19 and Finn Doherty '19, competing in just their second races, will be threats to score in the future: they finished in 42nd and 43rd places! It looks like their will be some jockeying for placement in the future: George and Thom were one tenth of a second apart. Today, Collin Drooff '18 made his first varsity start. While he completed his first run on this challenging day successfully, he was among the ten varsity boys (from all the schools) who did not make it through both runs.

We are fielding full JV and varsity girls' teams this season. Ashly Cashman '19 earned an eighth [lace finish in the JV race; Caroline Williams '20 in 10th place and Ann Wichern '20 in 14th place combined for Thayer's 4th place team finish. Other JV skiers in the top 25 included Rachel Kraan '18 (16th), Cait Sullivan '19 (19th), Caitlyn Marat '18 (20th), Olivia Noreke '21 (23rd). Kaylee McGinn '19, Erin Farmer '21, Sophie Butner '21, Maggie Fleck '21, Jamie Chevalier '21 completed their runs and are having fun!

The varsity girls finished third in the team scoring this week, led by Ciara Sage '20, who finished fourth overall. Impressive! Lilly Arends '21 posted her highest finish to date, earning 12th place, while Kate Rulon '19 made the top twenty. Charlotte Astley '21, in her varsity debut, earned 24th place overall. Well done, girls! Sydney Langenhagen '20 finished in the 27th spot, followed by Jessie Stutzman '20 earned 30th place. Sadie Compson '20 was among the skiers swallowed by the course....

Skiers, as you review the results, look at your times and others' times. How much time would you need to shave off to move up three spots? Five spots? How can you steal that time? Consistent practice, a willingness to listen to feedback and to make small adjustments, better focus at practice, a desire to compete....all of these can help you to capture the time savings you want! (Remember, you can't directly compare week to week because the courses and the conditions are different. Look at the time differentials between places, and your overall finish place compared with last week's finish place. Even though the competitors differ a bit each week, your placement is a fairly good self-measurement guide.)
V SL/JV GS Races
Nashoba Valley Ski Area
Other Girls 2nd. Boys 7th
First, congratulations to Annabelle Graziano '22 and Rod Van Pelt '18: each finished first in their JV races. And Izzy Gomes '19, also skiing in the GS race, earned a fourth place finish. Well done! At the varsity level, three skiers placed in the top ten: Ciara Sage '20 in fourth place, Lilly Arends '21 in fifth place and Kate Rulon '19 in eighth place. Impressive! These skiers earned a second place team finish for our team!

Girls varsity competitors also included Sydney Langenhagen '20, who finished fourteenth overall, and Jessie Stutzman '20, who was seventeenth overall. Congratulations on your top 20 finishes! This is a very competitive league. Sadie Compson '20 and Charlotte Astley '21 will finish two runs the next time each is in the slalom event!

Collin Chaisson '18 continued his impressive senior campaign, earning an 18th place finish despite having almost no practice in slalom prior to the race. George Rowe '19 was the only other boy to finish two runs; he earned 29th place overall. Unfortunately, the other skiers--Nick Bower '19 and Sam Garber '20, did not have two clean runs. We have three practice days during which to improve before the next race!

Rod was our only JV boy skier, so we didn't fare well in the team finish with phantom place points filling in for the missing (nonexistent!) skiers. Because we have a wealth of talent among the girls, our JV team fared well today. In addition to Annabelle and Izzy's top four finishes, Ann Wichern '21 was lucky 13, while Rachel Kraan '18 and Kaylee McGinn '19 were evenly spaced at 15th and 17th. Caitlyn Marat '18, Olivia Noreke '21, Erin Farmer '21 and Sophie Butner '21 also competed for Thayer. Thanks to the high placement of our first three finishers, the girls JV team earned second place overall this week. Terrific skiing, girls! We'll welcome some under-the-weather skiers back to the JV girls race roster next week, and look forward to an equally strong finish.
V SL/JV GS Races
Nashoba Valley Ski Area
Other Girls 5th. Boys 9th
Varsity Only Race GS or SL
Nashoba Valley Ski Area
Other Girls 3rd

The race results from Friday's varsity-only GS race are attached. Kudos to Ciara Sage, who finished sixth overall in girls slalom, followed by Kate Rulon in 15th and Sydney Langenhagen, Izzy Gomes and Jessie Stutzamn in 23rd, 25th and 27th. The first three finishers' place points earned a third place team finish for Thayer! George Rowe and Sam Garber each finished their two runs in the boys slalom; we hope all the boys finish their two runs next time!

NEPSAC Class B Races All-Day
Gunstock Ski Moutain
Other Girls 3rd overall. Boys 12&14th


# Name Class Hometown
Lillian Arends 2021 Dedham, MA
Charlotte Astley 2021 Cohasset, MA
Nicholas Bower 2019 Chestnut Hill, MA
Thomas Brennan 2019 Scituate, MA
Sophie Butner 2021 Hingham, MA
Ashly Cashman 2019 Milton, MA
Collin Chaisson 2018 Scituate, MA
Jamie Chevalier 2019 Braintree, MA
Sadie Compson 2020 Hingham, MA
Finnian Doherty 2019 Cohasset, MA
Collin Drooff 2018 Milton, MA
Erin Farmer 2021 Hingham, MA
Maggie Fleck 2021 Boston, MA
Samuel Garber 2020 Wellesley, MA
Isabella Gomes 2019 Norwell, MA
Annabelle Graziano 2022 Hull, MA
Rachel Kraan (captain) 2018 Hull, MA
Sydney Langenhagen 2020 Cohasset, MA
Caitlyn Marat 2018 Cohasset, MA
Kaylee McGinn 2019 Braintree, MA
Olivia Noreke 2021 Marshfield, MA
George Rowe 2019 Chestnut Hill, MA
Kate Rulon 2019 Milton, MA
Ciara Sage 2020 Norwell, MA
Jessica Stutzman 2020 Scituate, MA
Caitlin Sullivan 2019 Dedham, MA
Roderick Van Pelt 2018 Norwell, MA
Ann Catherine Wichern 2021 Hingham, MA
Caroline Williams 2021 Cohasset, MA

Coach Info

  • Bryan Morrissey
    Co-Head Coach

    Coach Morrissey has been a life long skier. He has worked with teams on Mt Washington and Cranmore Mountain since 1998 at various levels. Coach Morrissey also has 3 adult children who have raced competitively in various competitions. He is excited to join the Thayer community and to share his knowledge with the team.

  • Heidi Brown
    Co-Head Coach
    Ms. Brown teaches ninth grade World History, standard level U.S. history and Modern European history, and a senior elective in Psychology. She has coached girls' soccer at all levels and is head coach of Alpine Skiing. Ms. Brown is an advisor with the class of 2017.
  • Paul McCarron
    Assistant Coach