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Cross Country - MS


Middle School teams are more developmental in nature and playing on a team offers not only a chance to enjoy the sport, but also a valuable participatory experience for each athlete. This applies to all team members from standouts to substitutes who play a supporting role. In keeping with the Thayer philosophy that athletics are an integral part of a student’s curriculum, students should plan their participation with the help of their advisors – this discussion will help everyone gain a better understanding of each child’s overall school program. All Middle School participants are expected to receive fairly equal playing time over the course of the entire season. All team information is available via


2:30 pick up or study hall, Milton Academy
Milton Academy
Noble & Greenough School
Noble & Greenough School
2:15 P/U or study hall, Derby Academy
Derby - Bare Cove Park


# Name Position Class
Alixandria Abelard 2023
Abigail Broderick 2022
Ryan Chiari 2022
William Counselman 2022
Tyler Fico 2023
Caitlin Fitzgerald 2022
Abigail Golden 2022
Gabriel Guerrero 2024
Ryan Hawley 2023
Benjamin Koper 2022
Eli Kream 2023
Alena Mulhern 2023
Austin Ngo 2023
Ashley Roycroft 2022
Henry Stepanyants 2023
George Whitmore 2022

Coach Info

  • Angela Toussaint
    Asst. Coach
    Angela teaches French to seventh and eighth graders at Thayer. She also teaches the 6th grade introduction to foreign language course. Her other responsbilities have included teaching seventh grade history and serving as a faculty advisor to the Tiger's Tale, the middle school magazine.
  • Paul McCarron
    Head Coach